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Huanda is your always ready manufacturer of high-quality laminators like wide format laminators in China and can be all over the world. Always ready to provide all your required wide format laminators, always ready to hand over you the finest wide format laminator and also always ready to spend time for satisfying services.

  • Offers extended range of wide format laminator
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Huanda Wide Format Laminator

HD-FM1055 Wide Format Laminator
  • Variable Speed Control.
  • LCD Display and Touch Buttons.
  • Use Easy

Huanda -Your Quintessential Wide Format Laminator Manufacturer in China

Huanda manufactures reliable and simple wide format laminators for the purpose that our customers or users can save its cost at the same time can benefit its excellent performance. The wide format laminator is applicable in rigid displays, table graphics and many others.

Also the wide format laminator of Huanda has the capacity of more than 1620mm maximum width and 35mm laminating thickness. We formed this wide format laminator that can give you satisfaction even when it comes to your growing business. We are also managing wholesalers from the other countries.

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Huanda Wide Format Laminator

Huanda constructed a wide format laminator which ensured working performance even in heavy duties and continuous service life. We also designed this wide format laminator with flexible settings for expanded capability and versatility. Huanda designed the wide format laminator with adjustable pressure operation for the best result. We are always making sure that the exact preferred product, especially wide format laminator is what you will receive when shipped.

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Huanda -Your Reputable Wide Format Laminator Manufacturer

Huanda is your expert manufacturer specially of wide format laminators. We have been sourcing for almost 25 years until now, enough experience to become professional in manufacturing the best wide format laminators. We have immense lists of types of wide format laminator with different sizes and operations that suit your applicable business or facilities.

We can provide you even your customized logo, case or user manual depending on what is your desired wide format laminator may be. For a long time manufacturing and sourcing in different countries we never practiced unsuccessful partnering in the business industry.

Our company is composed of professional engineers who can surely give you the best functional wide format laminators. We offer our upgraded designs of wide format laminators for upgraded society and technology. Huanda assures you of the competitive price of our wide format laminators.

Huanda can be your best business partners, because we are accomplishing heightened business by supplying you our high-quality wide format laminators. The wide format laminators from the Huanda have 1400kw/h input power. It operates for about 110V/220V and you can preheat the wide format laminators for about 10-15 minutes.

You can check Huanda for more updates about your purchased wide format laminators. And count on proper service from our staff. We are always willing to guide you search for applicable perfect types of wide format laminators.

Always keep updated for more modernized wide format laminators by contacting or emailing us!

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