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Huanda Sticker Laminators

HD-325-2 Sticker Laminator
  • Modern Design for Pouch Laminator.
  • Multitap Adjustment.
  • Professional Laminators.
HD-320B-2 Sticker Laminator
  • 3-5 Minutes Warm-up.
  • Operate Easy.
  • Meets European Safety Standards.
  • LED Screen with Touch Button.
  • Best Choice for Office.
HD-320D Sticker Laminator
  • Measure by High-precision Sensor.
  • Variable Digital Temperature Control.
  • LCD Display and Fault Indicating.
  • Overhot Protection.
HD-320E-2 Sticker Laminator
  • A4,  A3,  A2 Sizes.
  • Quality Hot & Cold Lamination.
  • LCD Display, High Quality, 4-Rollers Pouch Laminators.
  • Quick Warm-up Time (Only 3 Minutes).
  • Ideal for Any Standard Laminating Application.
HD-330T PLUS Sticker Laminator
  • Cooling Fan Assures Stable Temperature for Long-time Operation.
  • Auto Stand by System (No Operation Over 30 Minutes).
  • Auto Shut Down ( the Temperature Over 160°C Will be Cut off).
  • Control System for Speed and Temperature in Various Command.
HD-FM350 Sticker Laminator
  • Variable Speed Control.
  • LCD Display and Touch Buttons.
  • Use Easy
HD-FM365-2 Sticker Laminator
  • Multifunction, Pouch Laminator and Roll Laminator.
  • LCD Display and Touch Buttons.
  • Stylish and Elegant.

Huanda - Your Leading Sticker Manufacturer in China

Huanda as your leading manufacturer of outstanding sticker laminators maintains a good reputation when it comes to producing outstanding sticker laminators. The satisfaction of our clients using our sticker laminators are Huanda’s accomplishment.

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Huanda Sticker Laminators

Huanda set up sticker laminators with great quality materials for their durability and lasting services. We make sure the advantages of our sticker laminators can fulfill the needs of our customers and dealers. Sticker laminators of Huanda help you save time and effort on working business or even at home. Laminating stickers really need a good performance sticker laminator machine and you can just get it on Huanda.

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Huanda – Your Solid Sticker Laminator Manufacturer

Being a reliable manufacturer of about 25 years and counting, Huanda experienced and proved that our company has a solid foundation and unity. We manage carefully our personnel in each stage of processing orders and purchasing products.

And that is one of the reasons and proves that you can also rely on Huanda whenever you need excellent quality lamination machines especially sticker laminators. We are keeping our high-standard characters in terms of satisfying services.

We are always aiming to accomplish our customers’ heightened businesses by producing and using our sticker laminators. We can be your continuous manufacturer whenever you want to. Huanda can be your loyal partner in business. We conduct sticker laminator machines and other products inspection before we process it to ship or import.

You can trust Huanda, considering that we can manufacture about 1000 sticker laminators and other related products each day. Huanda can also provide you assistance on every level of your ordering process, so you don’t be worried. Feel relaxed when you keep in touch with Huanda to supply you with valuable sticker laminators.

We have 24/7 operating guidance for your anytime inquiries. Also, believe that we can immediately give respond to your inquiries. Just let us know the perfect sticker laminators you wanted, and trust that we take care of it. 

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Sticker Laminator: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you have any question about sticker laminator, you will find the answer right here.

So, if you want to learn more about these lamination systems, read this guide.

What Is Sticker Laminator?

This is a type of machine that aids in laminating printed stickers.

The machine achieves this by adding a protective layer to covers the printed stickers.

However, the protective layer is one-sided leaving the back side for application of an adhesive that supports sticking.

It is quite different from normal lamination.

The normal lamination process completely seals off the document in place.

Sticker laminator laminates one side leaving the other side for sticking purposes on preferred surface.

This layer makes the stickers acid-rain resistant and also protects from damages caused by scratch and abrasion hence lengthening the sticker`s lifespan.

sticker laminator

sticker laminator

What Are The Components Of Sticker Laminator?

The sticker laminator machine has various parts which help the sticker laminator to carry out its function. These components include;

  • A roller for collecting back paper.
  • Roller for supporting film
  • An upper roller with the type of roller material to be used on the printed stickers.
  • A guiding picture roller
  • A roller for supporting the intended picture
  • A panel for covering picture
  • The control panel to help in giving instructions to the machine.
  • An air pressure switch
  • A temperature setting switch to help keep tabs on the heat used especially on thermal sticker laminators.
  • An emergency bottom to enhance safety in operating the machine

These components differ according to size and type of sticker laminator to use.

How Long Will Sticker Laminator Take To Warm Up?

Most take about 3 minutes. However, the warm up time varies according to the size and type of sticker laminator you are using.

Sone can take up 4 minutes, 7 minutes or even 10 to 15 minutes.

Most thermal sticker laminators indicate the warm up time in the user manual instructions guide.

Small sticker laminators take about 3 to 4 minutes to warm and are mostly used at home.

The large sized stickers are the ones that take a little longer to warm due to their size.

They are mostly used for industrial purposes where they produce a large amount of laminated stickers.

Therefore, make sure you read the instruction guide or contact your manufacturer to ascertain the warm time of your machine before proceeding.

Warm up time is a basic requirement for most of the laminator stickers available today.

After use, allow the machine to cool down before taking it away for storage.

Which Safety Protections Do Sticker Laminators Have?

Safety precautions are meant to protect the user from harm when using a machine.

The sticker laminator thus comes with a set of precautions that consumers must adhere to in order to achieve desired results and also grant safety for the user.

Some of the safety protections features that sticker laminators have include;

  • An auto shut down feature. At some temperature, say 160 degrees, the laminator automatically shuts down.
    This is aided by the sensors installed in the machine.
  • They also come with a pouch release mechanism to aid in correcting any incidence of mis-feed hence facilitate smooth lamination process.
  • They have a defined amount of electric power to observe while operating the machine for those that are powered by electricity.
  • They need to be well stationed on a flat surface to avoid damage from falling over.
  • For the thermal sticker laminators, allow them to cool off before storing them away, especially those that use the machines at home.

Any additional set of safety precautions are clearly outlined on the user guide of the machine.

As a user, you should clearly read and understand your machine for easier operation and avoid unnecessary panics.

For example, your machine having the auto shut down system shuts down while in operation. After understanding that its due to high temperatures you can give your machine time to cool off. This is rather than start seeking for a mechanic to diagnose your machine.

Which Types Of Sticker Laminators Do You Have?

Roll Laminator For Stickers

A roll laminator is the ultimate choice for acquiring stickers on large size prints and banners that can go up to 12 inches or few feet wide.

Roll laminator for stickers

Roll laminator for stickers

It is highly recommended to use on posters, banners, artwork and even maps.

Cold Laminator For Stickers

Cold laminators are named with respect to their nature of operation.

They are very efficient as some do not even require electricity to function.

They are able to facilitate one sided lamination on documents and apply adhesive on the backside.

They are available in various sizes and can even be portable.

It is also diverse as it can laminate a range of different types and documents unlike the hot laminator for stickers.

cold laminator for stickers

cold laminator for stickers

Hot Laminator For Stickers

From the name, these laminators make stickers with aid of heat or thermal energy.

They also come with a set of instructions to which they must carefully followed for desired results and also maintain safety while using them.

They rely on heat to make stickers, as a result, the sticker laminator should be subjected to a certain temperature in order to operate.

As a result, the Hot laminator for stickers is selective on which type of documents to laminate. For instance, photographs are sensitive to heat hence not suitable for lamination using the hot laminator.

hot laminator for stickers

hot laminator for stickers

How Can You Make Stickers with Laminator?

Stickers are made from printers. First you print the desired document and image then use the sticker laminator to laminate.

The machine uses a laminating material of your choice to help laminate the sticker.

After setting up the material to the laminating machine, you feed the sticker to the machine as it gets laminator with the laminator sheets.

Through the collaboration of the various rollers of the sticker machine, the printed sticker is then pressed against the laminating material.

The laminated sticker then slowly exits the machine and giving you your desired sticker.

Allow the it to cool down before attempting to use it for the purpose intended for.

Additionally, all laminator stickers come with user guides and manuals with clear images that show how the laminator achieves making the stickers.

The process is similar as described.

What Is The Laminating Size For Sticker Laminator?

Laminating size for sticker laminators differs with respect to the size of the machine.

Sticker laminators have a defined size to which they can accommodate.

Therefore, before purchasing a sticker laminator, it is important to be aware of the size of stickers you want to make.

This helps obtain the right sticker laminator for the sticker size you wish to obtain.

Additionally, you could present your requirements to your manufacturer and can easily point out the right sticker laminator for you with respect to size you require.

What Are The Quality Standards For Sticker Laminators?

Quality standards ensure that a given product adheres to safety measures while in operation. There are various labels and markings that are used to authenticate the quality of various goods from different manufacturers.

The CE quality standard mark allows for sticker laminators to be marketed in the European counties.

The mark further outlines that the machine has fully complied with stated requirement and safety precautions stated.

The FCC standard quality mark authenticates that electric products have met the limits and regulations for operation.

Sticker laminators especially the thermal ones highly depend on electricity to heat up.

An FCC quality mark assures the customer that all limits for manufacturing electronic products are met.

UL and ISO are also quality marks used on sticker laminators.

Therefore, it is important to look out for these quality standard marks before purchasing a sticker laminator.

They give assurance of being tested and approved to perform their functions effectively.

Why Should You Avoid Laminating Pouches When Using Sticker Laminator?

Laminating pouches seal both ends of the document intended for the sticker.

This is disadvantageous to the sticker laminator since it will be hard to peel of and support sticking effect.

laminating pouches

laminating pouches

For sticker laminators, only one side needs to be laminated and the other and leave the adhesive backing side unsealed to support the sticking effect for the stickers.

Laminating sheets are thus most preferable to use on sticker laminators as they can be laminated on one side leaving the back side.

The adhesive is then applied to allow the sticker to stick as is supposed.

sticker laminator

sticker laminator

Why Should You Laminate Stickers?

Below are some of the reasons as to why you should laminate stickers. They include;

  • They become waterproof.
    These comes in handy especially for car stickers since they are highly susceptible to being affected by rain.

The waterproof property provided by laminating helps the stickers to last longer.

  • Lamination helps protect the stickers from damage by UV rays.
  • Lamination boosts the durability of the sticker.
  • Lamination makes the stickers scratch and tear proof.
  • Lamination adds a glossy-look to your stickers hence enhancing their appearance.

How Do You Laminate Stickers?

Below are the steps and guidelines to follow closely when laminating stickers manually.

  • First and foremost, you need to purchase the single-sided clear laminating sheets.
    They come with defined sizing and thickness to use on the machine.
  • Make a cut out of the laminating material for your sticker.
    Cut according to the size you want to use.
    You can make a trace of the intended sticker you want to make and then make a cut out to evade wasting the laminating material.
  • Thereafter, peel off the backing side of the laminate and access the sticky part of the laminating material.
    Place it over the sticker carefully to avoid cases of air bubbles on your sticker.
  • In case of any air bubbles, squeeze it out using a card or a cloth.

However, this should not cause worry as the air bubbles will eventually clear away.

However, if you are using the sticker laminator machine, the user manual guide has the instructions on how to use.

Below are some of the basic instructions to follow when using the sticker laminator machine.

Step 1: Set Up Your Machine

Here is where you turn on your sticker laminator machine and allow it to warm up.

It can take about 3 minutes but others take more. The manual guide has full information on the same.

Step 2: Position Your Sticker For Lamination

Center your sticker to be in line with the laminating sheets in the machine in order to initiate the lamination process.

In this case, since you are using the machine, you can make a cut out after the sticker has been laminated.

Step 3: Insert Your Sticker For Lamination

It is important to ensure that there are no interferences that can hinder the operation of the machine.

Step 4: Seal The Pouch

Once the machine is through with laminating, the sticker pouch automatically exits the machine.

Allow the pouch to cool down and once done turn off the machine also.

When using machines to laminate, the work is mainly to feed the intended sticker for lamination to the machine.

The rest of the process is performed by the machine, hence machine create efficiency and reduce the manual labor of laminating.

Which Materials Should You Use In Sticker Laminators?

One must be careful while working with sticker laminators.

Especially with the materials exposed to the machine for lamination purposes.

Some of the materials to use on this machine include:

  • Art work.
  • Printed documents.
  • Printed stickers

As much as the machine can accommodate these materials, there are other materials that the machine cannot fully embrace for lamination.

The user manual guide clearly points out the materials to avoid using on the laminating sticker. Therefore, kindly confirm with the user manual for clarifications.

Can You Use Sticker Laminators For Other Projects Apart From Laminating Stickers?

For a sticker laminator, using laminating sheets helps the machine make stickers.

However, with a different material like the laminating pouch, the laminator can help in other projects.

For example, it can be used to seal documents, and even identification cards as well.

The machine can be adjusted to various functions according to user needs and wants.

Do You Have Replacement Parts For Sticker Laminator?

Yes, there are replacement parts for sticker laminators.

Most manufacturers offer this as an after sale service although there are costs attached to these services.

Nonetheless, in case you need to replace some of the parts for your sticker laminator your manufacturers are in a better position to hand you the assistance you need.

How Do You Support OEM Sticker Laminator Businesses?

We produce sticker laminators according to your unique design and specifications.

Besides, we help you in the sticker laminator design, manufacturing, testing and branding.

Additionally, we guarantee competitive prices and provide the necessary certification documents.

Do Sticker Laminator Have A Warranty?

Yes, sticker laminators come with a warranty. Normally starting from warranty of one year and can even extend to five years of warranty.

This serves to show the authenticity and quality of the machine.

And any incidences for the machine to get spoilt while operating, the manufactures cater for the damage costs.

However, any damages inflicted by the user such as wear and tear or damage arising from misuse or mishandling of the machine by the customers.

It is also not advisable to attempt to make repairs to your sticker laminator personally.

Upon malfunction it is important to seek help from the manufacturer if it is something that cannot be rectified with knowledge from the user manual.

How Much Do Sticker Laminator Cost?

Sticker laminators vary in prices. This is majorly dependent on the level of technology and size of the sticker laminator you are purchasing.

For example, sticker laminators intended for industrial purposes tend to cost more, compared to stickers for home uses.

Additionally, stickers that possess automatic features tend to be more expensive compared to stickers that are operated manually.

Moreover, there are other services such as shipping costs that can affect the pricing of the machine.

As a result, it is best to contact your manufacturer and get the right prices for your sticker laminator.

Are Sticker Laminator Manual Or Automatic?

Sticker laminators come in both manual and automatic forms.

Manual sticker laminators depend on human labour to operate.

Automatic sticker laminators have less handling and are more efficient than the manual sticker laminators.

There are also semi-automatic sticker laminators which are partly manual and partly automatic.

So you can choose one according to your preference.

Which Features Should You Consider When Choosing Sticker Laminator?

The main features you should look out for when purchasing a sticker laminator include;

  • Mode of operation of the sticker laminator. Thus whether it is manual or automatic.
  • Laminating thickness that the machine can accommodate.
  • Length or width to which the sticker laminator can work with.
  • Speed of the laminator
  • The maximum temperature of the sticker laminator
  • Power consumption rate in case it uses electricity
  • Size of the laminator.

This is helpful as it helps you purchase a laminator that is functional and manageable especially for home uses.

What Is The Laminating Speed of Sticker Laminator?

This is the speed to which the laminator is able to laminate a sticker.

It is measured according to the number of inches it can laminator per minute.

The speed varies depending on the type of sticker laminator you are purchasing.

If in need of a faster sticker laminator, consultations with your manufacturer are helpful as they are well versed with the machines.

For any inquiry about sticker laminator machines, contact us now.

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