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Huanda - Your Reliable Roll Laminator Manufacturer

Huanda offers a wide range of roll laminators that are suitable for any type of paper or documents. We are a great source of roll laminators or any other office & school equipment. We can produce roll laminators at a competitive price.

Huanda is a superb manufacturer of roll laminators. Due to the best features of our roll laminator machines, they are well-known nationwide. We always produce high-quality roll laminators in order to maintain our honorable reputation in the office & school equipment industry.

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Huanda Roll Laminator

Huanda roll laminators come in a variety of sizes and designs.  Therefore, they are considered the most ideal and desirable laminators among customers. Huanda roll laminators truly meet a national standard. This machine is made of high-quality materials to ensure its durability and longevity. Huanda is one of the trusted manufacturers and distributors of roll laminators. We provide the most desirable roll laminators worldwide.

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Huanda – Your Leading Roll Laminator Manufacturer in China

If you need a professional roll laminator manufacturer and supplier, Huanda is the right selection. We started to produce lamination machines in 1995. Since then, we have been constantly obtaining a rich experience and great technique in manufacturing lamination machines.

Huanda roll laminators guarantee the best result in laminating any documents or pictures. Since we use only premium materials that fact assures our customers to fully trust us. Besides Huanda roll laminators can be offered at affordable rates.

Huanda roll laminators are extremely easy to use, so if you are a beginner it will not be a big problem. Furthermore, the machine can be managed only by one person since it is simple in operation. Huanda roll laminators are recommended for those who want to save funds and time.

Due to their great features, Huanda roll laminators are durable and versatile. Only with the help of our roll laminators, you can get perfectly laminated projects. Huanda roll laminators come in different sizes and designs so that to satisfy each customers’ individual taste. 

Huanda is a number 1 manufacturer and distributor that offer customer-friendly service. All of our roll laminators have CE, ISO, and RoHS Certifications. It is worthy to mention that we have a full range of office & school equipment: pouch & roll laminators, booklet & notebook makers, glue book binding machine and etc.

Huanda is your one-stop solution for your roll laminator needs. We provide a trustworthy and reliable service for our customers. We are experts in handling any problems concerning office & school equipment. Huanda is the top selection for those who are looking for premium roll laminators.

As a professional distributor, Huanda can supply thousands of roll laminators every day. Hence we can guarantee that our company can support customers online and provide excellent quality roll laminators in a short time.

Our top priority is to satisfy customers’ requirements. Send your inquiry now! Contact us for more information!

Roll Laminator: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This guide will answer all your questions on roll laminator.

So if you have any questions about these lamination systems, your answer is right here.

Keep reading to learn more.

What Is A Roll Laminator?

A roll laminator is a machine that is designed for enhancing and preserving any document that is sized by laminating it.

Roll laminators are mostly in professional operations of high volume and the lamination of very large items.

The roll laminator makes use of two rolls in the faster lamination of large items.

It is a very good choice in cases where you require lamination of many items that are big quickly.

roll laminator

roll laminator

What Are The Components of Roll Laminator?

Some of the components of a roll laminator include:

Parts of roll laminating machine

Parts of roll laminating machine

  • The lower heat shoe assembly
  • Roller retaining ring
  • Digital switch
  • Lower laminating roller
  • Upper laminating roller
  • A main upper digital temperature control board
  • Upper and lower thermal fuse assembly
  • Digital temperature control board

Why Should You Choose Roll Lamination Machine?

You should choose roll laminators because of the following reasons:

  • Preservation and protection:

roll laminators assist in the protection of your documents to ensure that they last for long and are not damaged easily.

  • Easy to use:

roll laminators make it very easy to laminate big things such as maps and posters. It is also very easy to use in carrying out the tasks that you need.

  • Cost-effective:

roll laminators tend to be relatively affordable and possess the best features which will ensure they fulfill their function sufficiently.

How Does Roll Laminator Work?

Roll laminators make use of a combination of pressure, heat, and an internal roller mechanism to impose a thin plastic cover onto given items or documents.

The paperwork in most cases tends to be fed onto the roll laminator one page at a time.

It is then sandwiched onto the lamination pouches or loose sheets of plastic.

In the case of pouch laminators which are modern, the plastic cover which is imposed around the document being fed in the roll laminator is pre-coated.

This coating uses a special type of adhesives that are extruded on all the side surfaces.

When the lamination pouch is heated under pressure from roll laminators assists in bonding its two sides tightly together throughout the surfaces at the back and front.

This makes it possible for the roll laminator to for a cover that is protective and seals around all sides of the document.

Some roll laminators which are high-end make it possible to adjust temperature settings and feed through the speeds.

This makes it possible for roll laminators to carry out a job that is more efficient and effective when dealing with larger volumes and heavy-duty lamination pouches.

Roll laminators can also reverse feed documents that are not aligned well by the use of special sensors. These sensors can detect faults and automatically solve such issues in the roll laminator.

Because roll laminators tend to carry out their pressing and heating functions, their rollers lose little heat because it is transferred directly to the pouch.

This tends to offer a short waiting time between documents to permit rollers to return to optimal temperature before the next document is fed.

However, the modern roll laminators heat up faster as there is no delay needed between successful feeds.

What Type Of Materials Can I Laminate Using Roll Laminator?

You can laminate almost any paper stock that has a printing or drawing on it.

In the case of digital graphics, it is essential to select how you desire the finished product and the units to ensure the selection of the appropriate roll laminator.

Some options which are obvious for lamination using roll laminator are important personal documents like ID cards, birth certificates, menus, signs, and photographs

What Is The Best Roll Laminator?

The best roll laminator always depends on its feature some of the features that the best roll laminator should possess include:

  • It should be reliable and able to handle any project whether it is small or large.
  • The best roll laminator should have a wide range of user-friendly control panels.
  • Cost-effective
  • Designed to provide maximum flexibility to accomplish mounting on a large variety of substrates.
  • A reverse button is also an important feature which you should look for when choosing the best roll laminator.
    This is because it helps to remove a document in case of jams to stop it from getting wrapped up in the rollers of the roll laminator as it may lead to damage.
  • Variable temperature is also another factor to keep in mind in roll laminators.
    This is because it will make it possible to set the roll laminator to hot or cold lamination to make it possible to do varying jobs.
  • Size is also an important feature when selecting the best roll laminator as they should be of suitable sizes according to the different consumer needs.

Roll laminator

roll laminator

At Which Temperature Do Roll Laminator Work?

It is important to always refer to the user manual for the roll laminator to obtain the essential information on temperature settings.

This is because different roll laminators tend to function differently.

However, generally, some of the temperatures you can use include:

  • For films that are school grade, use temperatures between 270 to 315 degrees Celsius.
  • General-purpose film roll laminators should use temperatures ranging between 240 to 300 degrees Celsius.
  • Premium films require roll laminators’ temperature to be set between 220 degrees to

What Is Better Between Hot or Cold Roll Laminations?

When establishing what is better between hot lamination or cold lamination in roll laminators, it is important to understand certain elements.

Hot laminator

hot laminator

 Hot laminating takes place when a document is heated through the roll laminator using laminates that melt the adhesive onto the film.

This makes it possible for the object and the laminate to bond and ensure the durability of the documents.

Cold lamination, on the other hand, is a type of lamination that happens without the use of heat.

The laminate which is imposed onto the object is sticky when touched and thus does not require heat for melting the glue.

Many high-volume commercial businesses tend to use hot laminations while a lot of digital graphic businesses use cold laminations due to sensitivity.

Cold laminations are essential in digital prints because they may alter color or melt when subjected to heat because they are sensitive to heat and pressure.

Pressure-sensitive heat films used in cold laminations tend to be relatively expensive as compared to thermal films used in hot laminations.

Therefore, cold laminations jobs in roll laminators tend to be relatively costly as compared to hot laminations.

Cold laminator

cold laminator

During Roll Lamination Process, Why Do You Need A Margin On Items That Are Laminated?

It is recommended to leave a margin of about 1/8-inch border around laminated documents.

This will make it possible for the laminating element to adhere to the document and to itself.

In case the trim reaches the edge of a given document, dirt and moisture may damage it by getting between the laminations.

This may cause the film to start peeling away gradually.

Why Should You Reduce Heat In Roll Laminator When Using Thicker Films?

You should reduce heat in roll laminators when using thicker films because they have a thicker layer of glue.

This thick glue layer requires a very low temperature for successful lamination process.

What Is The Maximum Film Roll Thickness To Use In Roll Laminator?

The maximum film roll thickness to use in roll laminator is 10 mil and the maximum laminating thickness is 1/8 inch.

Why May Cause Items Laminated Using Roll Laminator?

Sever wrinkles on both sides of items that are laminated may be due to the close and lock laminating rollers in the laminating machine being neglected.

In this case, it is important to inspect the opening and closing of the roller in the roll laminator.

It is essential to ascertain that the wrinkles in case the rolls are not properly tensioned.

All roll laminators require a certain resistance amount when the supply roll unwinds to keep the film flat during feeding through rollers.

If the document’s top is unwrinkled but its bottom contains lots of bubbles and wrinkles, you should check the bottom idler.

It is important to ensure that the bottom idler of the roll laminator is threaded according to directions by the user manual.

In case the above solutions do not work, some more suggestions include:

  • Ensuring that the film path is correct in the roll laminator for the top and bottom webs.
  • Ascertaining the film is threaded around both top idlers and bottom idlers.
  • Determining that the temperature of the roll laminator is okay before passing items through.

Is It Possible To Mount And Laminate Items In One Pass Through The Roll Laminator?

Yes, it is possible to laminate items in one pass although at times it may result in jamming in the roll laminator.

It is important to refer to the user manual before attempting the process to ensure that the roll laminator supports the process.

What Is The Maximum Film Capacity On Roll Laminator?

You can run a maximum film capacity of either 1000′ of 1.5 mils or 500′ of 3mil in the roll laminator.

How Can You Stop Laminated Items From Curling When Using Roll Laminator?

If a laminated item is curling up and down after it has gone through the roll laminator, it is important to check the user manual for instructions.

To solve the problem, there will be a need to adjust either its top or bottom tension.

In case of tension is correct and you are obtaining waves to the center of the web film when it comes out the back, probably there will be heatwaves.

There will be a need to move the temperature down or slow the speed of the roll laminator.

Why Is My UV Film Squealing As It Advances Through Roll Laminator?

Squealing in roll laminator can be eliminated by reducing tension on its supply roll.

Alternatively, the speed of the roll laminator can be adjusted to a high setting.

What Is The Difference Between Roll Laminator And With Heat Shoe And Roll Laminators with Heat Rollers?

Heat shoes refer to “shoes” which are cylinder-shaped and possess an electric heating element inside them.

Heat Shoe

heat shoe

The film gate is pulled across the heated shoes and then pressure is applied by the rollers thus activating the adhesive on the film and making it adhere to the document.

Roll laminators with heat rollers, on the other hand, possess a heating element that is embedded because the film may move across the rollers.

The heat tends to activate the adhesive which is on the film and makes it affix to the document.

Although heat rollers tend to implement both heat and pressure, they may offer a bond that is much better as compared to heat shoes.

Heat shoes tend to possess fewer moving parts thus making them a perfect choice for commercial operations of high volume as they can move items very fast.

Roll laminator

roll laminator

How Can I Clean Rubber Rollers On Roll Laminator?

It is important to stick to the user manual which accompanies the roll laminator for the information-specific cleaning instructions.

Generally, you can use an abrasive that is mild and little denatured alcohol in cleaning the rollers of a roll laminator.

In addition, you can buy cleaning erasers which may help in eliminating adhesive from the rollers of the roll laminator.

Is There Roll Laminator For Fragile Items?

Yes, there is a roll laminator for fragile items depending on the features possessed by the documents.

It is important to liaise with the manufacturers and state the specifications that you desire to ensure that you get a suitable roll laminator.

Can I Use Laminating Film Which Is Narrower Than The Roll Laminator?

Yes, you can use any film that is equal or narrower than your roll laminator and you will achieve the results that you desire.

The main factor to using laminating films which are narrower is to make sure that the top and bottom rolls of film are aligned well over one another.

This is because when laminating films are not aligned well inside the roll laminator, it may cause adhesive sticking to the rollers.

What Makes Laminated Items Cloudy In Roll Laminator?

Laminated items in roll laminators tend to be cloudy when heat is not sufficiently high.

In addition, it may also be due to the roll laminator not being warmed up enough to melt the adhesive as required.

Laminating films that thick require very hot temperatures.

In case the roll laminator does not possess a temperature, control that can be adjusted, it is appropriate to re-run through it again or consider thinner films.

Is It Possible To Reset The Automatic Shut-Off Timer On My Roll Laminator?

Yes, it is possible to reset your roll laminator’s automatic shut-off timer to shut off the heated roller or heat shoe.

This is achieved by hitting the drive switch in either forward or reverse direction and this will make the roll laminator relight.

It is important to check the roll laminator’s actual temperature before trying to laminate.

In case the temperature is below a level that is recommended, allow the roll laminator to regulate heat to achieve the best results.

What Is The Difference Between Cold Roll Laminator And A Tape Laminator?

Some of the different features between cold roll laminator and tape laminator include:

  • Cold roll laminators tend to provide a lot of flexibility thus making it possible to use a wide range of mounting adhesives.
    Tape laminators on the other hand are limited to the type of adhesive that can be used.
  • Cold roll laminators tend to be versatile enough to provide a range of mounting capabilities despite the inches used.

Cold roll laminator

cold roll laminator

 Tape laminators, on the other hand, tend to be limited of materials that can be mounted to about 1-1/6’’ thick.

At Huanda, we design and manufacture a range of roll lamination machine.

We can also support your OEM roll lamination machines business – contact us now for any questions or inquiry.

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