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Huanda has large iron-plate laminator manufacturing capabilities of up to 1000 pcs every day. We can customize the iron-plate laminator according to your specifications. Send us your design now!

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Top Iron Plate Laminator Manufacturer in China - Huanda

You can rely on Huanda! We have 30+ expert engineers who are in this industry. We can manufacture custom and standard iron-plate laminators. If you have a special request for iron-plate laminators, please submit your design and layout.

Also, we can do OEM and ODM for your branding. We can custo-made your logo, packaging, case color, user manual, and many more. Just send us your exact specifications and configurations, and Huanda will do and handle the process.

HD-260E-2 Iron-Plate Laminator
  1. A4,  A3,  A2 Sizes
  2. Quality Hot & Cold Lamination
  3. LCD Display, High Quality, 4-Rollers Pouch Laminators
  4. Quick Warm-up Time (Only 3 Minutes)
  5. Ideal for Any Standard Laminating Application
HD-320-2 Iron-Plate Laminator
  • Hot & Cold Laminator
  • Multitap Adjustment
  • Operate Easy, Laminating Perfect
  • Meets European Safety Standards
HD-320B-2 Iron-Plate Laminator
  • 3-5 Minutes Warm-up
  • Operate Easy
  • Meets European Safety Standards
  • LED Screen with Touch Button
  • Best Choice for Office
HD-320D Iron-Plate Laminator
  • Measure by High-precision Sensor
  • Variable Digital Temperature Control
  • LCD Display and Fault Indicating
  • Overhot Protection
HD-325-2 Iron-Plate Laminator
  • Modern Design for Iron-Plate Laminator
  • Multitap Adjustment
  • Professional Laminators.
HD-330T PLUS Iron-Plate Laminator Supplier
  • Cooling Fan Assures Stable Temperature for Long-time Operation
  • Auto Stand by System (No Operation Over 30 Minutes)
  • Auto Shut Down ( the Temperature Over 160°C Will be Cut off)
  • Control System for Speed and Temperature in Various Command.
HD-440-2 Iron-Plate Laminator Supplier
  • Large LCD Display
  • Big Rollers at 63mm Diameter
  • High Speed, Variable Temperature & Speed Control
  • Perfect for Hot and Cold Laminating
HD-460 Iron-Plate Laminator Supplier
  • Professional Laminators
  • Operate Easy, Good Laminating
  • Meets European Safety Standards
  • Quality Hot and Cold Lamination
HD-460B-1 Iron-Plate Laminator Supplier
  • 3-5 Minutes Warm-up
  • Operate Easy
  • Meets European Safety Standards
  • LED Screen with Touch Button
  • Best Choice for Office
HD-550-2 Iron-Plate Laminator Supplier
  • Heavy Workload Professional Iron-Plate Laminator
  • A2 Size Pouch Laminator
  • Control System for Speed and Temperature in Various Command
HD-640 Iron-Plate for Office
  • Large LCD Display
  • Big Rollers at 63mm Diameter
  • High Speed, Variable Temperature & Speed Control
  • Perfect for Hot and Cold Laminating
HD-650-2 Plate for Office
  • Heavy Workload Professional Iron-Plate Laminator
  • A2 Size Iron-Plate Laminator
  • Control System for Speed and Temperature in Various Command
HD-3304-2 Plate for Office
  • LCD Display: Temperature,  Fan,  Speed Status
  • High Speed, Variable Temperature & Speed Control
  • Extensive Application Scope
HD-3306-2 Plate for Office
  • Large LCD Display
  • 6 Rollers, Hot & Cold Laminating
  • High Speed, Variable Temperature & Speed Control
  • Laminating Efficiently
  • Touch Control
HD-3306C Plate for Office
  • LCD Display: Temperature,  Fan,  Speed Status
  • 4 Hot & 2 Cold Rollers Good Laminating
  • High Speed, Variable Temperature & Speed Control
  • Extensive Application Scope
HD-3308 Iron-Plate Manufacturer
  • Large LCD Display
  • 8 Rollers, Professional Iron-Plate Laminator
  • High Speed, Variable Temperature & Speed Control
  • Laminating Efficiently
  • Touch Control
HD-32018 Iron-Plate Manufacturer
  • Professional Laminators
  • Operate Easy, Good Laminating
  • Meets European Safety Standards
  • Quality Hot and Cold Lamination.
HD-32020-1 Iron-Plate Manufacturer
  • Pouch Laminator for Office and Home Use
  • Hot & Cold Laminator
  • Small Size, Operate Easy
  • Cost Effective Laminator
HD-32520 Iron-Plate Manufacturer
  • Pouch Laminator for Office and Home Use
  • Hot & Cold Laminator
  • Modern Design
  • Cost Effective Laminator

Huanda Iron-Plate Laminator

Huanda is a professional manufacturer of iron-plate laminators in China. We do deep machining to manufacture the highest quality iron-plate laminators. All of our iron-plate laminators have passed the certifications for KC, CE, and Rosh.

Since 1995, Huanda supply and manufacture standard iron-plate laminators. With 25 years of laminating system industry, we have reached 100000 tons annually fabrication capability.

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Huanda – Your Best Partner for Iron-Plate Laminator

Get your iron-plate laminators from Huanda. Huanda iron-plate laminator is one of the top-rated lamination machines we can offer. You’ll find hundreds of different iron-plate laminator models from Huanda including HD-260E-2, HD-320-2, HD-325-2, HD-330T Plus, HD-440-2, etc.

Huanda is one of the largest iron-plate laminator companies in China. We can provide one-stop-shop iron-plate laminator products. Also, Huanda can perform deep machining for the iron-plate laminator finishes.

Our iron-plate laminators are compatible with business cards, letters, legal, and photo-size papers. Huanda stocked a wide range of iron-plate laminators to fulfill your needs. Our iron-plate laminators are accessible in many different sizes at a competitive rate.

Huanda iron-plate laminator is guaranteed a fast and smooth laminating system. If you are using Huanda iron-plate laminator, you will enjoy a well-organized laminating process with rapid warm-up time and laminating speed. We make sure that you will get the fine-quality iron-plate laminator for your project.

Huanda has a large stock of high-quality iron-plate laminators and low MOQ from 1 pc to support your business. All of our iron-plate laminators are easy to operate and have outstanding performances that significantly improve your work efficiency. Our iron-plate laminators are perfect for various sizes of paper to meet your different work needs.

As a premier manufacturer and distributor of high-quality iron-plate laminators, Huanda engineers ensure the greatest quality and product performance to complete every project. Also, we produce custom iron-plate laminators that can also save your tooling costs.

Our top goal is to exceed your expectations with our product qualities, customer support, order fulfillment, etc. Huanda will be your one-stop source for the best iron-plate laminators!

Ask for a quote today and we will make sure you’ll get faster replies within 8 hours!

Iron Plate Laminator: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Before choosing iron plate laminator, read this guide.

Because it has all information that will help you choose highly efficient, and reliable lamination systems.

Let’s dive right in.

What Is Iron Plate Laminator?

This machine combines heat and pressure to apply a thin layer of plastic cover over a paper document. Its use is common in various office works in preserving and protecting documents.

Iron Plate Laminator

Iron Plate Laminator

What Are The Benefits Of Iron Plate Laminator?

The key benefits that you enjoy when using this laminator are:

  • Durability

An iron plate laminator offers durability to your documents. This is by minimizing external factors which have an adverse effect on the documents.

Such effects include rain and tear, which can reduce the lifespan of the document. Proper lamination can increase the lifespan and presentability of your document compared to not laminating it.

  • Cost-effective

It is cheaper to use an iron plate laminator than failing to use it. This is in terms of operating the easier machine and its lower power consumption.

While there are other laminate processes, the use of an iron plate laminator is cheaper and gives a unique

  • Uniqueness

A laminated document has a unique visual appeal which makes your documents highly attractive. This enhances the visual appeal of your document.

Are There Limitations Of Using Iron Plate Laminator?

Yes. Like any other machine, you should expect a few limitations when using your iron plate laminator.

Such limitations are:


The initial purchasing cost for these machines is slightly higher. This calls for proper financial preparedness before deciding to purchase this machine.

It becomes a limitation if you don’t have such capital.

Limited Product Lamination

Iron plate laminators are not suitable for thin products. The thicker your product, the highly likely you cannot use this machine.

You, therefore, have to purchase different machines if you are laminating products of different thicknesses.

Which Features Should You Look For In Iron Plate Laminator?

You need to check on the following features before you purchase an iron plate laminator:


Size helps in deciding the space in your organization where you will place your machine. Different sizes are depending on the manufacturer.

When deciding which size to use, you have to consider other factors. For instance, the size of documents you are laminating.


The advantage of the design you select is it gives you a unique visual appeal for your machine. Some manufacturers can also custom design your machine to meet your specifications.

Cost is a critical aspect when selecting a design for your machine. This is because you can find a device that has a simple design and is relatively cheaper.

Power Output

Power output helps in understanding the total power requirement for your machine. Ideal power output should not surpass the total power usage of your organization.

Such a power requirement is vital in ensuring your iron plate laminator functions appropriately.

Lamination Speed

Lamination speed helps in the mass lamination of your documents. Therefore, you need to check the lamination speed of a particular iron plate laminator before deciding which one to purchase.

Most manufacturers usually indicate the speed, and you can get advice from a reliable manufacturer before deciding.


Quality standards guarantee value for your machine and durability. The iron plate laminating machine that you select must have all the quality standards.

An easier way of getting a quality machine is by purchasing from a reputable manufacturer. You can also enquire about all the quality standards before buying your iron plate laminator.

Where Can You Use Iron Plate Laminator?

The use of an iron plate laminator is common in laminating a wide range of documents. Such document includes:

  • Photographs
  • Report covers
  • Restaurant menus
  • Posters and signage’s
  • Safety instruction certificates
  • Report covers
  • ID and business cards

What Are The Components Of Iron Plate Laminator?

The main parts that you should find in a working iron plate laminator are:

Heating Component

The heating component of your machine is responsible for binding the two sides of your laminating paper. Therefore, you have to set the temperature appropriately for you to obtain the best laminating results.

This temperature is usually at 40 degrees Celsius.


The rollers press the laminating papers together during the lamination process while applying heat. This facilitates the binding process ensuring you have a strong laminate.

Roller work by exerting force on the lamination process; however, the force you apply depends on the thickness of your laminating paper.

That is, for thick papers, you have to exert more force compared to thinner papers.

Fault Indicator

A fault indicator helps in ensuring there is a smooth laminating effect on your document. It does this by detecting early enough an error in the lamination process.

After detection, the document retracts, and you can remove it before you start the process again.

Control Panel

This is an LCD which is usually on the sides of your machine. It consists of various controls that you can use to regulate the performance of your machine.

Such controls allow you to regulate the temperature and the lamination speed. It ensures you have quality lamination.

Feeding Component

The feeding component is part of your machine that you insert the document before the lamination process starts.

How Can You Use Iron Plate Laminator?

To properly use an iron plate laminator, you have to understand how it functions. The functioning of this machine depends on three critical aspects.

That is pressure heat and internal roller mechanisms. The functioning effects of these three on a thin plastic make it to cover documents and other related items.

The feeding process of the document or related item is usually a page at a go. The page usually sandwiches itself between two loose lamination pouches or plastic sheets.

 Iron Plate Laminator

Iron Plate Laminator

Other technologies involve coating the document with a unique adhesive on the inner surface.

During heating the pouch under pressure, the adhesive helps bond the two sides to the document.

This results in a protective cover consisting of seals on all the sides of the document.

The availability of a control panel helps regulate the temperature you need for the lamination process to take effect. Another technology that you expect in this machine is the reverse feed.

This technology allows you to reverse documents with the wrong alignment for lamination. This is through the use of a unique sensor that detects this issue and reverses the document automatically.

Do You Offer Replacement Parts For Iron Plate Laminator?

Yes. We do offer replacement parts for iron plate laminators.

When placing your order, you need to specify the part and model that you want its replacement. This helps us to produce the exact replacement for your use.

Replaceable parts for Iron Plate Laminator

Replaceable parts for Iron Plate Laminator

How Do You Maintain Iron Plate Laminator?

Proper maintenance of your iron plate laminator ensures durability while enhancing its performance. There are different ways in which you can maintain this machine.

For instance, you have to switch off the machine after every use. This prevents the rollers from getting extremely hot, resulting in the malfunctioning of the machine.

You also have to clean the machine frequently. When doing so, you must adhere to the cleaning procedure of your manufacturer.

Do not use a wet wipe when cleaning, as this may result in a short-circuiting of your machine.

Proper maintenance also involves replacing worn-out parts with ones that your manufacturer recommends.

When storing the machine, you have to place it in a dry place where it doesn’t contact moisture.

What Does Iron Plate Laminator Warranty Cover?

An iron plate laminator warranty covers all the malfunctioning in which your manufacturer is at fault. Such malfunctioning includes failure of your machine to power up or missing parts of the machine.

When such occurs, you have to notify your manufacturer, who undertakes to rectify it at their cost. However, this is only possible during the period when the warranty is valid.

How Does Cold Laminator Compare To Hot Laminator?

Both hot and cold laminators offer the best lamination effect to your product. The price of a cold laminator is lower compared to that of a hot laminator.

However, a hot laminator has a higher functional capacity than a cold laminator. This is because the functioning of a cold laminator is so that it does not use heat.

It works by the application of pressure on the laminate, which consists of a unique adhesive. As a result, the operating cost of a hot laminator is higher than that of a cold laminator.

Cold Laminator

Cold Laminator

Its functioning is so that it uses heat and pressure to create a durable lamination process. It is easy to set up a cold laminator than setting up a hot laminator due to its simplicity.

A cold laminator retains the colour of your document, which results in a high-quality lamination. This is due to a lack of heat which affects the paint colour of your document.

The advantage of cold laminators is their use on one side of your document. This makes a cold laminator an ideal choice for use in adhesive decorations or decals.

A hot laminator requires skills that cannot be readily available. Such skills include that ensuring you are operating at the right temperature to avoid discoloration.

Hot Laminator

Hot Laminator

Which Factors Determine Iron Plate Laminator Price?

The price of an iron plate laminator depends on the following factors:


Different Chinese manufacturers use different production processes for these machines. As a result, these production processes have an impact on the prices of iron plate laminators.

Other manufacturers’ factors that affect the prices include government regulations and market demands.

Therefore, before selecting an ideal manufacturer, you need to consider all these aspects and the necessary certifications.


The different brands available in the market have different designs and lamination capacities. These factors affect their pricing hence the need to check before deciding which one to buy.

When selecting an ideal brand, you have to consider your requirement and the design you want.


The advantage of purchasing from Chinese manufacturers is that you enjoy scale benefits when purchasing a high quantity.

This is in terms of trade discounts or after-sale services that your manufacturer offers.

However, this is ideal if you are into purchasing for the resale business. In such cases, you have to consider market demand before placing your order with your manufacturer.

Features And Specifications

These are a list of all parts, design and auxiliary accessories that an iron plate laminator may have.

A laminating machine with more parts and components will cost more than just a simple machine.

What Does OEM Iron Plate Laminator Manufacturing Entail?

This refers to the use of parts or ideas from different manufacturers to produce an iron plate laminator. It is a common practice, especially if you consider integrating this machine into your production line or customizing it.

For instance, we can customize the machine with your logo case colour, packaging, or user manual.

The procedure for this involves submitting the specifications to your manufacturers and letting them fabricate your order.

However, the specifications require aligning them with internationally recognized standards. This assures you a quality and durable iron plate laminator.

What Are The Safety Features Of Iron Plate Laminator?

The safety of your machine and the operator is critical. The best way to ensure this safety is by adhering to the regulation of your manufacturer.

For instance, you need to ensure there is a proper power connection. Proper connection minimizes short circuits, which can affect the performance of your machine.

When operating the machine, you need to avoid touching the hot element, which can burn or cause the machine to malfunction. It would help if you also prevented liquid spillage to the machine.

If you replace parts of the machine, you need to ensure you do so with the original parts. You should not attempt replacing if you don’t understand the procedure.

If you are unsure, you should consult a professional or your manufacturer. You should avoid removing parts of the machine during operation.

This maximizes the efficiency of your machine while ensuring your safety.

How Much Power Does Iron Plate Laminator Use?

The power consumption of an iron plate laminator differs depending on different factors.

For instance, the lamination speed and the size of the document that a particular machine can handle.

Other factors that affect the power consumption of an iron plate laminator are the model and its servicing status.

Which Heating Method Does Iron Plate Laminator Use?

The general heating method of an iron plate laminator is through conduction. This involves heating the rollers, which in turn supply the right heat on the laminate.

What Is The Recommended Laminating Thickness For Iron Plate Laminator?

The laminating thickness of an iron plate laminator varies depending on the type. For instance, you can have a kind that requires a thickness of one inch.

You can also have one whose thickness range is between 2.5 and 3 inches. Therefore, you must check on the type of your laminate for you to decide which laminator to use.

What Is The Lamination Speed Of Iron Plate Laminator?

The lamination speed of an iron plate laminator differs depending on its type. However, this speed ranges between 5 and 2.

Why Should You Import Iron Plate Laminator From China Manufacturers?

There are numerous reasons why you should import your iron plate laminator from Chinese manufacturers. Such reasons include:

Price Negotiation

Chinese manufacturers are flexible on the price of their iron plate laminators. Therefore, you can quickly negotiate the final cost of your iron plate laminators, depending on the quantity.

Another aspect of your laminator that most manufacturers allow for negotiation is the design, depending on its customization.

Variety Of Manufacturers

there are different Chinese manufacturers for your selection. The variety allows you to select one who fits your specification regarding the delivery price and quality.

Before engaging a particular manufacturer, you must compare with other manufacturers to ensure you have the best deal. First, however, you need to ensure the manufacturer you select offers the best quality of these laminators.

Timely Delivery

Chinese manufacturers adhere to the timely production of their orders. Furthermore, these manufacturers engage you in every step of production, which keeps you informed.

This allows you to prepare in advance for receiving your iron plate laminator.

Quality Iron Plate Laminators

Most manufacturers have all the certifications necessary for the production of iron plate laminators. In addition, these manufacturers adhere to strict production rules, thereby ensuring quality products.

You, therefore, have an assurance of purchasing a quality iron plate laminator when you purchase from a Chinese manufacturer.

What Causes Laminator Wrinkling?

The main reason for laminator wrinkling is the lack of sufficient roll tension during the lamination process.

The tension plays a critical role in offering resistance which the laminator requires.

The resistance is vital in unwinding your supply rolls to let the film lay flat as it rolls into the laminating roller nibs.

The tension depends on the size of the film. That is, thinner films require less tension compared to thicker films.

Another cause of wrinkling is not using the correct temperature during the process.

For instance, using a lower temperature causes dampness on the material, which results in wrinkling.

An ideal temperature is usually at 40°C, which allows the moisture content in the material to be lower.

Can You Use Laminating Pouch With Iron Plate Laminator?

Yes. You can use a laminating pouch with an iron plate laminator.

However, you have to ensure the thickness of the iron plate laminator is compatible with that of the laminating pouch.

Pouch Laminator

Pouch Laminator

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