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Huanda Industrial Laminator

HD-FM350 Industrial Laminator 1
  • Variable Speed Control.
  • LCD Display and Touch Buttons.
  • Use Easy
HD-FM365-2 Industrial Laminator 2
  • Multifunction, Pouch Laminator and Roll Laminator.
  • LCD Display and Touch Buttons.
  • Stylish and Elegant
HD-FM1055 Industrial Laminator 3
  • Variable Speed Control.
  • LCD Display and Touch Buttons.
  • Use Easy

Huanda -Your Professional Industrial Laminator Manufacturer

As an ISO9001 certified manufacturer in China, Huanda have earned great and excellent reputation in the market and trusted by many known companies throughout the world including Deli, M&G Stationary, Sunwood and Comix, etc. Our products are offered at a very affordable rate and mostly got the RoHS, CE, ISO, KC certificates.

OEM and ODM services are also available here to boom your business. Any types of laminator machine can be manufacture based on your applications, features, designs, sizes, etc. Just message us today!

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Huanda Industrial Laminator

Huanda offer very versatile and higher lamination quality industrial laminator. We aim to satisfy your industrial laminating machine solution needs. Always count on Huanda, when it comes to your industrial laminator sourcing!

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Huanda – Excellent Industrial Laminator Manufacturer

Trust Huanda to provide your business an industrial laminator with superior quality! Huanda has obtained more than 25 years of manufacturing laminators, making us capable to provide your business needs when it comes to industrial laminators. All types of laminators we offer have quality properties that most customers request.

Our range of industrial laminators offers zero-error tension stabilizing, precise coating, easy to use, solvent residue-free, and environmentally solventless machine. Plus, its good laminating performance, efficient, and hygienic features making it suitable for the drug and food packaging industry. Choose Huanda to support your business or complete your projects with our industrial laminator.

There are many times our industrial laminating machines proven highly reliable to provide great quality laminating results. These could be used to laminate multiple times because of their super-fast functions. However, if you desire to have your own designs for the industrial laminators to be manufactured, Huanda is an expert and your good choice! Just send your detailed design and we`ll work it for you.

Since established up now, Huanda is dedicated to design, manufacture, and market any laminating machines, especially industrial laminators. As result, more than thousands of customers trust us today because of the absolute characters of our laminators including safety, simple operations, perfect service, and durability. So don`t hesitate to ask for help, we know the best for your needs.

We have a strong development team and research in Huanda. This professional personnel has been devoted to making industrial laminators for over 20 years. We also have complete production lines making us very reliable to work with our customers. We are doing our best not to disappoint you however we keep on doing our best to provide you with our satisfying services.

Settle with the most reliable manufacturer in China, in short settle with Huanda! We are fully determined to provide flexible and environmentally friendly industrial laminators.

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Industrial Laminator: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you have any question about industrial laminator, you will find the answer right here.

It is because this guide covers all information about industrial lamination systems.

So, keep reading to learn more.

What Is An Industrial Laminator?

This is a machine whose function is to laminate different documents for protection against certain factors that reduce their durability.

Industrial Laminator

Industrial Laminator

Why Should I Select An Industrial Laminator?

Among the benefits of selecting an industrial laminator are:

Cost Saving

Purchasing an industrial laminator saves you the overall running cost of your organization. In addition, lamination offers protection to your documents, thus preventing wear and tear.

Wear and tear can increase the overall overhead cost due to the need to source the same documents.


The use of an industrial laminator offers a unique appearance to your documents. In addition, it allows you to customize and make these documents have an appealing visual effect.

Uniqueness can prove as the main difference in increasing the sales volume of your product.


Your products are durable when you use an industrial laminator. This is due to the addition of a protective layer on the product.

The protective layer prevents damage to your documents against such factors as rain and harsh weather.

Where Can You Use An Industrial Laminator?

The use of an industrial laminator is vital in different organizations. Common areas where you can find the use of this machine is in the lamination of various documents within an organization.

Documents that you can laminate using this machine include:

  • Restaurant menus
  • Safety instruction certificates
  • Report covers
  • Report covers
  • ID and business cards
  • Posters and signages

An Industrial Laminator Is Available In Which Size?

Industrial laminators are available in different sizes depending on your specifications. It also depends on the type of industrial laminator that you want.

For instance, an industrial pouch laminator is smaller than an industrial roll laminator. It is also possible to get a customized size from a reputable manufacturer for your use.

Can I Get A Customized Industrial Laminator?

Yes. You can get a customized industrial laminator.

This is by submitting your specifications to a reliable manufacturer. The manufacturer then aligns these specifications in line with the international standards before manufacturing your machine.

Common aspects of customizations include laminating speed, size, and thickness of lamination.

A Customized Industrial Laminator

A Customized Industrial Laminator

Which Products Can You Use On An Industrial Laminator?

The main products that you can use on an industrial laminator are documents of varying degrees. Laminating such documents offers protection against external factors and a unique visual appearance.

How Do You Use An Industrial Laminator?

The use of an industrial laminator depends on the type. However, the operating principle is the same.

The starting point is heating your laminator. This is to ensure it reaches the necessary temperature for lamination to occur.

You place your document on the laminating film to fit in perfectly. This depends on the type of film you are using.

Once the laminate is in place, you insert it at the feeding point of your industrial laminator. Then, the rollers inside the machine start introducing the document for the lamination process.

The speed depends on the document you are laminating and the type of industrial laminator you are using.

What Are The Considerations For Selecting An Industrial Laminator?

You have to consider the following factors when selecting an industrial laminator:

Quality Standards

An effective industrial laminator should have all the quality standards. This is the perfect assurance that your machine will give you value for your money and durability.

You can purchase a machine that has all the quality standards by engaging a reputable manufacturer. However, you also have to avoid buying a low-price machine without checking on the quality standards.

Laminating Speed

Speed is critical in determining the laminating capacity of your company. Therefore, it is essential to consider your requirements before deciding which machine to purchase.

You also have to factor in any future increase or decrease in the lamination process. Getting the right laminating speed for your machine ensures there is optimum utilization.

This prevents the machine from staying idle.


You have to consider different aspects of designs—for instance, the size of the machine and the features it has.

The size helps in determining which document you are to laminate. Unique features help in deciding the integration and ease of use of the machine.

An ideal laminator has the latest design and features technologies that make it simple to use.

Power Requirement

The power capacity of your industrial laminator affects the overall power consumption of your company. Therefore, to prevent malfunctioning of other machines, the power consumption of your industrial laminator should be a fraction of the total requirements.

What Is The Price Of An Industrial Laminator?

You have to combine different factors to get the actual price of your industrial laminator. These factors are:


A particular manufacturer has to factor in the various factors of production on the final pricing of their machines. These factors vary depending on a manufacturer’s capacity.

You, therefore, have to consider the different manufacturers before deciding the buying price of your industrial laminator. However, your manufacturer should have all the certifications necessary.

At Huanda Office, we guarantee competitive prices on all industrial laminators.


Purchasing a brand-new iron laminator is pricey compared to buying a second-hand one. This Is because a new laminator has its parts clean and does not require maintenance and replacement.

However, a second-hand iron laminator can require replacement and general maintenance on its parts. This raises the overall price in the long run.


Different models have different specifications, including the power capacity and speed. In addition, specifications affect the overall functionality of the machine.

Having the right specifications is vital in getting an accurate price for your machine.

What Are The Parts Of An Industrial Laminator?

An industrial laminator has various parts which work concurrently to ensure you get the best lamination of your product. Therefore, you should expect the following in a functional industrial laminator.

Heating Element

The function of this part is to heat the laminating paper for proper lamination to take place. Therefore, you have to ensure there is an accurate temperature setting for proper lamination to take place.

Higher temperature causes the laminating paper to melt, which can affect the quality of the lamination. An ideal temperature for the heating element is around 40 degrees.


The rollers are responsible for pushing the laminating paper through the machine. As the rollers roll, they press the laminating papers together, thereby binding them.

This gives you a durable and robust lamination for your document. The pressing process depends on the thickness of your document.

The thicker the document, the higher the force needed to press the laminating paper.

Control Panel

It is from this panel that you set the parameters for the working of your laminating machine. It consists of various knobs and an LCD panel that you have to fix before operating your machine.

The power button is also present from where you switch on and off your machine. Among the parameters that you can set from the control panel are lamination speed and temperature.


It is at this point that you introduce your document and the laminating paper for lamination. The feeder varies depending on the size of the document you are laminating.

Other designs exist which allow you to adjust the feeder to fit your document.

Fault Indicator

The purpose of this element of your machine is to detect any malfunctioning during the laminating process. When there is a malfunction, the machine stops functioning indicates where the error is.

This allows you to rectify the problem before the process continues.

How Do You Troubleshoot An Industrial Laminator?

Troubleshooting depends on the cause of the problem on your machine.  You, therefore, have to understand what the problem is and the proper diagnosis that you can offer.

Common issues that can occur on your industrial laminator are:

Not Powering

Failure of your industrial laminator not powering up is due to poor cable connection or a failure in the power source. First, you need to check on the power cable to ensure the fuse is working appropriately.

Also, check on the power source to ensure it has the correct voltage rating.

Rollers Not Working

The rollers are responsible for pressing the laminating film for proper lamination. Failure of them rotating means there is no lamination takes place.

This can be due to the adhesive sticking on the rollers, forming a thick layer that prevents the rotation. It can also be due to a barrier on the rotation path.

The solution is to clean the rollers as per your manufacturer’s guidelines. It would help if you also inspected the machine to ensure no barrier can stop the rolling process.

Burnt Lamination

You are using a high temperature for your lamination results in the burning of the lamination fil. The heat can also impact your document, thereby reducing its efficiency.

The solution for this is to set your industrial laminating machine at the right temperature before using it. You also have to wait for the machine to heat up before using it.

Which Types of industrial laminators do you have?

The main types of industrial laminators available are:

Industrial Roll Laminators

The use of this type of laminator is common in large industries. It features large rollers in laminating documents of whichever size.

It involves placing your document on a sheet of laminating film, which has an adhesive. Then, a roller on top of the machine holds the top of your laminating film in position.

As your machine starts, it heats the laminating film to a particular degree. This causes them to adhere together as it moves through the rollers.

The advantage of this industrial roll laminating machine is that it allows for laminating different sizes of your document.  It also allows for bulk lamination of your document.

However, it is an expensive machine which makes it unsuitable for small firms. You also have to factor in the space for installation, which can be a limiting factor in the absence.

An Industrial Roll Laminator

An Industrial Roll Laminator

Industrial Pouch Laminators

The advantage of industrial pouch laminator is its relatively smaller size which allows for its use in medium-sized organizations.

However, the laminating film (pouches) are of specific sizes, which limits their use.

When using it, you have to place the document you want to laminate inside the pouch. You then place the pouch on a carrier before running it through your machine.

These pouches are available in sizes ranging between 3 mils and ten mils.

The main limitation to the use of this machine is its limitation to the size of the document that you can laminate. That is, the document has to fit on the pouch.

An Industrial Pouch Laminator

An Industrial Pouch Laminator

Industrial Cold Laminators

The advantage of this type of laminator is the lack of heat to laminate your document. Instead, they use pressure in laminating your document.

This results in high-quality lamination and guarantees the safety of your document. They’re also cheaper compared to the other types of industrial laminators.

Apart from industrial cold laminating machine, you may also consider hot lamination machine.

Of course, the hot lamination machine requires heat to perform its functions.

Industrial Cold Laminator

Industrial Cold Laminator

Can I Find Replacement Parts For An Industrial Laminator?

Yes. You can find replacement parts for your industrial laminator. It is, however, crucial that you purchase the parts from a reliable manufacturer.

Such a manufacturer assures you of the proper functioning of your machine and durability. When replacing the parts, you need to submit the part number to your manufacturer for compatibility.

What Is The Laminating Speed For An Industrial Laminator?

The laminating speed of an industrial laminator varies depending on the size and type. This speed ranges between 10 inches per minute and 30 inches per minute.

How Do You Clean An Industrial Laminator?

An industrial laminator requires a high level of cleanliness for it to function appropriately. You, therefore, have to use your manufacturer’s guidelines when cleaning your machine.

For instance, some adhesive sticks on the rollers during the lamination process. Therefore, you have to clean the rollers to remove such adhesives.

When cleaning the rollers, you have to avoid sharp objects such as scalpels or knives. The use of such can lead to uneven rollers, which affect their performance.

Melting the adhesive before wiping off using a piece of cloth cleans the rollers effectively. The general cleaning of the laminator involves removing the laminator film and preheating the laminator.

Preheating melts the adhesive making it easier to remove it.  You also have to wipe off the presence of dust on your machine.

This is possible through the use of a damp piece of cloth. Always dry your machine before you start operating it.

When cleaning, you need to switch off the power source and, if possible, remove the power cable from the socket. This prevents any short-circuiting from occurring.

How Do I Power An Industrial Laminator?

The primary powering source of an industrial laminator is electricity. You can derive this from sources such as direct and indirect current.

What Is The Best Laminating Material To Use On Your Industrial Laminator?

There are three types of laminating materials that you can use on your industrial laminator. That is cold laminate material, thermal adhesive laminate, and heat assist laminates.

These materials have different characteristics, which makes their applications vary. The use of cold laminates is common in industrial laminators that depend on pressure to laminate.

These laminates are ideal for use on products that are sensitive to heat, like vehicle wrap vinyl. In addition, heat assist laminate materials are suitable for use on industrial laminators with a heated roller.

A heat assist laminate is suitable for single-sided lamination on your document or board. Thermal adhesive laminates are ideal for double-sided lamination.

They require the application of heat to laminate your product effectively.

The primary material for all the laminates is a particular type of plastic. This plastic is stretchable for improved strength, clarity, and resistance to external factors like direct sunlight and water.

How Does A Cold Industrial Laminator Compare To A Hot Industrial Laminator?

Hot and cold industrial laminators have the same function in terms of lamination. That is, they both offer quality lamination for your document.

A hot industrial laminator is expensive compared to a cold industrial laminator. This is due to the higher functional capacity of your hot industrial laminator.

The working principle of these laminators is different. A cold industrial laminator depends on pressure for it to function correctly.

A hot industrial laminator depends on the heat for it to laminate. This means you have to heat the laminator with electricity before using it.

The operating cost of a hot industrial laminator is lower than a cold industrial laminator.

This is due to the demands and frequent replacement of the rollers to provide the necessary pressure for lamination.

Cold industrial offers high-quality lamination compared to a hot industrial laminator. This is because a cold industrial laminator retains the color of your print.

An industrial heat laminator usually fades the print due to the application of heat.

It is easier to operate a cold industrial laminator than a hot industrial laminator. This is because you have to set the correct temperature parameter in a hot industrial laminator.

A Hot Laminator Machine

A Hot Laminator Machine

Cold Industrial Laminator

A Cold Industrial Laminator

Can I Get A Warranty For An Industrial Laminator?

Yes. It is possible to get a warranty for your industrial laminator.

This is by purchasing your machine from a reputable manufacturer. However, the validity of the warranty and what it covers differs from one manufacturer to another.

Can You Integrate An Industrial Laminator Into Your Production Line?

Yes, you can integrate an industrial laminator into your production line. This depends on the product you want to laminate and the effect of lamination.

For instance, if you are producing cards, you can integrate this machine into your production line. This helps in laminating the cards, which increases the final quality of your product.

You can contact us today for all you industrial laminator needs.

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