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Your Heavy Duty Laminator manufacturer and supplier from China-Huanda. We do OEM ,ODM for many known companies in China, like Deli, M&G Stationary, Sunwood and Comix, most of our products get the CE certificates, assure you get high-quality Heavy Duty Laminator products. Every day 1000+ new unique Heavy Duty Laminator has supplied to all nationwide. If you are looking for trusted Heavy Duty Laminator. Contact Us-Huanda.

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Your Reliable Heavy Duty Laminator Manufacturer in China -Huanda

HUANDA is a professional manufacturer and distributor in China since 1995. We have certified engineers designers for our heavy-duty laminator. At HUANDA you can assure the high-quality of the product.

Besides you can trust HUANDA for the services and products. We have a large manufacturing capability of up to 1000 pcs laminators each day. We are good business cooperation relationships with all our clients nationwide.

HD-320-2 Heavy Duty Laminator
  • Pouch Laminator for Office and Home Use.
  • Hot & Cold Laminator.
  • Small Size, Operate Easy.
  • Cost Effective Laminator.
HD-320B-2 Heavy Duty Laminator
  • One – Touch Operation.
  • LCD Display.
  • Elegant Look.
  • Metal Body.
HD-320D Heavy Duty Laminator
  • Measure by High-precision Sensor.
  • Variable Digital Temperature Control.
  • LCD Display and Fault Indicating.
  • Overhot Protection.
HD-330T PLUS Heavy Duty Laminator
  • Cooling Fan Assures Stable Temperature for Long-time Operation.
  • Auto Stand by System(No Operation Over 30 Minutes).
  • Auto Shut Down( the Temperature Over 160°C Will be Cut off).
  • Control System for Speed and Temperature in Various Command.
HD-440-2 Heavy Duty Laminator
  • Large LCD Display.
  • Big Rollers at 63mm Diameter.
  • High Speed, Variable Temperature & Speed Control.
  • Perfect for Hot and Cold Laminating.
HD-460 Heavy Duty Laminator
  • Professional Laminators.
  • Operate Easy,Good Laminating.
  • Meets European Safety Standards.
  • Quality Hot and Cold Lamination.
HD-460B-1 Heavy Duty Laminator
  • 3-5 Minutes Warm-up.
  • Operate Easy.
  • Meets European Safety Standards.
  • LED Screen with Touch Button.
  • Best Choice for Office.
HD-460E-2 Heavy Duty Laminator
  • A4、A3、A2 Sizes.
  • Quality Hot & Cold Lamination.
  • LCD Display, High Quality, 4-Rollers Pouch Laminators.
  • Quick Warm-up Time (Only 3 Minutes).
  • Ideal for Any Standard Laminating Application.
HD-550-2 Heavy Duty Laminator
  • Heavy Workload Professional Pouch Laminators.
  • A2 Size Pouch Laminators
  • Control System for Speed and Temperature in Various Command.
HD-640 Heavy Duty Laminator
  • Large LCD Display.
  • Big Rollers at 63mm Diameter.
  • High Speed, Variable Temperature & Speed Control.
  • Perfect for Hot and Cold Laminating.
HD-650-2 Heavy Duty Laminator
  • Heavy Workload Professional Pouch Laminators.
  • A2 Size Pouch Laminators
  • Control System for Speed and Temperature in Various Command.
HD-3304-2 Heavy Duty Laminator
  • LCD Display: Temperature、Fan、Speed Status.
  • High Speed,Variable Temperature & Speed Control.
  • Extensive Application Scope.
HD-3306-2 Heavy Duty Laminator
  • Large LCD Display.
  • 6 Rollers, Hot & Cold Laminating.
  • High Speed, Variable Temperature & Speed Control.
  • Laminating Efficiently.
  • Touch Control.
HD-3306C Heavy Duty Laminator
  • LCD Display: Temperature、Fan、Speed Status.
  • 4 Hot & 2 Cold Rollers Good Laminating.
  • High Speed,Variable Temperature & Speed Control.
  • Extensive Application Scope.
HD-3308 Heavy Duty Laminator
  • Large LCD Display.
  • 8 Rollers, Professional Laminator.
  • High Speed, Variable Temperature & Speed Control.
  • Laminating Efficiently.
  • Touch Control.
HD-FM365-2 Heavy Duty Laminator
  • Multifunction, Pouch Laminator and Roll Laminator.
  • LCD Display and Touch Buttons.
  • Stylish and Elegant.

Huanda Heavy Duty Laminator

Established in 1995 at Wenzhou, China, distributing the best quality Heavy Duty Laminators to customers all over the world. We are able to custom your own designs of laminators for your start-up business. There are at least 1000 laminators, including our Heavy Duty Laminators are distributed every day worldwide.

When you are looking for a reliable manufacturer to help you custom your ideal Heavy Duty Laminators, Huanda is the right one! We have more than 25 years of manufacturing experience in the laminator industry.

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Huanda- Your Reliable Heavy Duty Laminator Manufacturer

If you starting to run a business and you need heavy-duty laminators to gain profits, choose Huanda to provide for you. We manufactured versatile heavy-duty laminators used to enhance and protect everything. This is available in different thicknesses, measurements, and designs.

Huanda manufactures heavy-duty laminators from the best yet pure quality materials. This kind of laminator offer features such as adjustable temperature control and an infrared heating system with high overheating protection. The overheating protection makes the heavy-duty laminator ensure high quality and very consistent lamination.

At Huanda, you will find our wide selection of heavy-duty laminator that accommodates all the laminating needs. It has a robust and ultra-tough metal construction, manufactured specifically for high-volume and educational purposes. These are mostly used in any college, school, home, or busy office.

There are lots of benefits when you prefer Huanda heavy-duty laminator. Since it`s easy to use, this can produce top quality lamination finish. Huanda offers a one-stop solution for you when it comes to your heavy-duty laminator needs. We are your best choice of manufacturer and we promised to give you real-promising services and laminating products.

All our heavy-duty laminators are certified by RoHS, ISO, CE, and KC certifications. Plus, we test each product before the packaging and distribution process.

We are doing our best to satisfy every customer we have. So we have professional staff to provide friendly customer service on 7/24.

Don`t hesitate to contact us and when you do, expect our fast reply!

Heavy Duty Laminator: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Choosing a heavy duty laminator can be an overhwleming task.

This guide will make the process simple for you – it answers all questions you have been asking  about these lamination systems.

Keep reading to learn more.

What Is Heavy Duty Laminator?

A heavy-duty laminator is a specially designed laminator for constant use. These laminators allow for:

  • Daily lamination of multiple items
  • High rate per hour of operation

Generally, heavy-duty laminators are durable and can withstand a large amount of lamination workload.

Heavy duty laminator

Heavy duty laminator

Which Are The Different Types Of Heavy Duty Laminator?

There are three main types of heavy-duty laminators; hot pouch, could pouch, and roll

laminating machines.

Hot Pouch Laminator

Pouches are two plastic film sheets with one edge bound. The hot pouch laminator binds the piece of paper to the pouch using heat.

First, you place the item (to be laminated) in a correctly sized pouch, then place it in a cardboard carrier. The cardboard carrier has a file folder design, with its primary role being to protect the pouch from direct contact with the hot rollers.

Once in the carrier and your machine is warm, you place the bound edge of the carrier in the laminator’s mouth. The rollers will pull it slowly as they heat it.

The reaction of the pouch with the heat results in the activation of an adhesive, binding the paper. The item then exists the back of the machine, laminated.

Out rightly, hot pouch laminators are the most common laminators. Of all the types of laminator machines, they offer durable and better quality lamination.

Cold Pouch Laminator

Unlike the former, hot pouch laminator, cold pouch laminators do not use heat for lamination. They are used for items sensitive to heat, such as freshly printed documents or photos.

Cold pouch laminators activate the unique cold laminating pouches by the use pressure. Their operation does not require electricity. You can insert the cold laminating pouch and turn the crank.

Compared to the hot pouch laminator, they are easier and safer to use.

Roll Laminators

Unlike the previous two, roll laminators do not use pouches. They have a lamination film on a roll attached to the laminator.

Before contact with the paper, the lamination film is heated. Notably, using a roll laminator is speedy. Consequently, it allows for bulk lamination within a short time frame.

Note: Laminators can also be generally classified as either A3 or A4 laminators.

What Is The Maximum Laminating Width And Speed Of Your Heavy Duty Laminators?

Most of our heavy-duty laminators can accommodate a width of up to 13 inches.

Similar to the size, the speed will vary.

However, some of our heavy-duty laminators have a laminating speed of about 107 inches per minute. Others can laminate 45 documents within 10 minutes.

What Is The Warm-Up Time And Cool Down Time Of Heavy Duty Laminators?

There is no specific warm-up time or relaxed downtime for our heavy-duty laminators. However, there are ranges for both.

Standardly, a laminator should warm-up for under 5 minutes. However, advanced laminators can warm up rapidly within 60 seconds.

On the other hand, the relaxed downtime should be under 15 minutes. The cooldown is initiated once you press the cold option on the laminator’s temperature dial.

What Are The Important Features Of The Best Heavy Duty Laminator?

Some features are essential when selecting a heavy-duty laminator that will serve you efficiently. These features include:

  • The warm-up time – Ideally, the machine (if it is a hot pouch) laminator should warm up in less than five minutes.
  • Capacity – The laminating machine should have a high output per hour. Also, it should be compatible with items of various sizes.
  • Auto-shutoff – To conserve energy and prevent the laminator from overheating.
  • A release lever – To help disengage the pouches for removal or recentering.
  • Less product weight – For easy mobility of the laminator, if need be.
  • Technology – Some laminators have both cold and hot technology. It will allow you to laminate both heat and non-heat sensitive items.
  • Speed – You should select the fastest laminator within your budget range.
  • Automation – An automatic laminator is easy to use and offers high-quality lamination. Also, they self-regulate, preventing the machine from overheating.

How Do You Operate Heavy Duty Roll Laminator Work?

Heavy duty laminating machine

Heavy duty laminating machine

A roll laminator uses separate layers of laminating film during lamination. The top layer is attached to the laminator.

Importantly, before feeding the machine, ensure that you have warmed it up as per the stipulated time in the user manual.

You will place your item on the bottom layer film, then feed it into the roll laminator. Immediately, the hot rollers will automatically align and press down the additional top layer as the item passes through the machine.

Once the laminated item exits the machine, you can trim the excess film.

Which Are The Important Safety Instructions For Heavy Duty Laminator?

  • There Ensure you place your machine on a stable surface.
  • You should have enough space behind the machine to allow for the laminated items to pass through freely.
  • Choose an appropriate power supply for the machine as per the machine’s specifications.
  • The power source (socket) should be easily accessible. It will aid in case the machine malfunctions.
  • If there are any parts that you need to fix or assemble by yourself, ensure you fix them with the aid of the product manual.

The above are some basic precautions you can take while using a heavy-duty laminator.

How Do You Remove Jammed Sheet From Heavy Duty Laminator?

Most of our heavy-duty laminators feature an anti-jam reverse button that will help remove any jammed sheet.

The other option is to press a release button, which separates the rollers, allowing you to pull out the item.

Alternatively, if the anti-jam reverse and releases buttons do not do the trick, you can resort to the below alternatives:

  • You can expose the rollers and manually remove the jammed sheet when the machine is warm. Importantly, take caution not to burn yourself.
  • Contact a technician to help you remove the pouch if the above option also bears no fruit.

Notably, to prevent your sheets from jamming, you can use a carrier for your project if your laminator allows for it.

Can You Perform Temperature Adjustment And Function Controls On Heavy Duty Laminator?

Most heavy-duty laminators can both cold and hot laminate. As such, the temperatures have to be adjusted.

For instance, cold lamination takes place under 30oC, while hot lamination requires a temperature of about 90oC.

Most laminators have the “HOT” or “COLD” buttons, automatically adjusting the temperature when pressed.

Also, our heavy-duty laminators permit you to carry the below function with a press of a button.

  • Stopping the machine – Stop Button
  • Reversing the process – Reverse Button
  • Preheating/ warming the machine – Preheat Button
  • Manually adjusting the temperature – Up and Down Buttons
  • Measuring the temperature of the rollers – Measure Button
  • Controlling the lamination speed by adjusting motor speed – Speed control button

Which Are The Various Laminating Pouches Thickness You Can Use On Heavy Duty Laminator?

The thickness of the pouches used on heavy-duty laminators varies to accommodate the wide variety of items that can be laminated.

The thickness of the pouches is measured in mils (0.001 inches). Notably, only the thickness of one side is indicated. For example, a pouch with five mil thickness is ten mils thick in the real sense.

Below is the typical pouch thickness in the market:

  • 5 mil – They are the thinnest and cheapest pouches. However, most laminators do not use them. Also, they offer less protection to the item
  • Three mil – These are flexible and offer adequate protection. Thus, they are popular and used by many heavy-duty laminators for large document lamination.
  • Five mil – most laminators can use five mil pouches for small and large document lamination. They can make any item good despite their affordability.
  • Seven mil – These offer terrific lamination and are ideal for small documents such as ID badges and name tags.
  • Ten mil – As you guessed, they are the thickest pouches. Thus, they offer maximum protection for items that require frequent handling.

Can You Do One-Sided Lamination Using Heavy Duty Laminator?

Heavy duty laminator

Heavy duty laminator

Yes, you can side laminate on a heavy-duty laminator in three main ways:

Use Of A Kraft Paper

If you are considering side laminating various projects, you should probably opt for this option.

All you need to do is to replace the bottom roll with kraft paper. The kraft paper prevents any adhesive from getting on the laminator’s heat rolls.

Notably, the kraft paper should be able to fit in the laminator. Also, it should be slightly larger than the upper film.

Two Lamination Rolls

It will require you to place your two projects back to back.  The catch is that both projects should be of the same size.

Ensure the two projects are well aligned, then insert them in the laminator. This way, you will side laminate both projects.

Scrap Paper

It is an alternative to using kraft paper. It functions the same way as using kraft paper.

How Do You Clean And Maintain Heavy Duty Roll Laminator?

Similar to any machine, you need to regularly clean and maintain your heavy-duty roll laminator.

Below are some standard maintenance practices you should consider:

Heavy duty laminator

Heavy duty laminator

  • Ensure no sharp objects come into contact with the rollers since they can gouge or scratch the silicone on the rollers.
  • Do not use your roll laminator for laminating items with glitter or metallic material. For example, glitter may stick on the rollers interfering with heat transfer.
  • If your laminator does not shut down automatically, ensure you turn it off after use. It will not only improve the machine’s efficiency but also prevent any accidents and risks.

Following all the above does not guarantee that your machine will be forever clean. Consequently, you will need to clean your machine as below occasionally:

  1. You’ll start by removing the roll of the laminating film
  2. Ensure that the machine is on and is warm. This way, the rollers will be moving slowly as the warm temperature softens the adhesive. Be cautious not to burn yourself.
  3. Use a soft, moist scrubbing pad to scrub off the adhesives on the rollers gently.
  4. Once you have removed all the adhesive, you can reload the previous film or, advisably, a new one.

Finally, you should call in a professional if your laminator is not functioning efficiently. Ensure you make a timely call to prevent a small problem from causing complete failure of the machine.

What Is The Procedure Of Changing The Film On Heavy Duty Laminator?

Changing the film on your heavy-duty laminator can be cumbersome. However, we will outline a simple procedure.

Before that, it is essential to note that the film rolls are located in the spindle pipes, which appear as long tubes.

With that out of the way, below is the simplified procedure:

  • Preferably, change the film roll when the rollers are cold. However, you can change it when the rollers are hot, but it will expose you to the risk of an accidental burn.
  • Check either on the machine’s body, its manual, or the manufacturer’s website to determine the direction the roll should go.
  • Proceed to place the new film rolls on the spindle pipes.
  • You will then start threading the laminating roll through the machine’s roller bars. You will note that the film has two sides; a dull side (that has the adhesive) and a clear side. The dull sides should face each other.
  • Ensure that the sticky parts of the roll are apart. You can fold some of the film rolls over something like paper or a slightly thick filing folder.
  • Finally, turn on the machine without increasing the temperature so that the machine remains cold. The roller will then gradually advance the paper or folder through the machine.

Your work here will ensure both sides of the roll film are aligned, and the roll is centered.

Which Are The Important Accessories Necessary For Heavy Duty Laminator?

Some essential accessories you should consider purchasing for your heavy-duty laminator include:

  • A cleaning kit – To help you remove any adhesive or dust that may stick or pile up on the rollers. Cleaning kits contain a scouring pad, adhesive remover, and foam pad to help you clean the machine’s heat shoes.
  • Workstation – You can decide to buy a specially designed lockable cabinet to keep the laminator together with other lamination accessories. As a result, you will have a neat and secure workspace.
  • Laminating film – Your laminating film is sure to run out. Consequently, you should have a variety and enough film stock. Alternatively, it would be best if you got yourself a reliable and time-conscious laminating film supplier.

What Are The Advantages Of Cold Lamination Over Hot Lamination When Operating Heavy Duty Laminating Machine?

There is a high probability that you have encountered hot and cold lamination. Hot lamination is indeed popular.

However, there are some advantages cold lamination has over hot lamination. Cold lamination outshines hot lamination in the below areas:

  • It does not require electricity.
  • It requires no warm-up time. Meaning the lamination is instant.
  • It produces no fumes, unlike hot lamination, which has a plastic smell.
  • It’s not messy, i.e., no cases of adhesive sticking on the machine.
  • It experiences no jams or misfeeds since the most operation is manual.
  • Operating a cold laminator requires little or no experience.
  • No need to regularly maintain a cold laminator

What Are The Factors To Consider During Selection Of Heavy Duty Laminator?

There are three essential factors you should consider when selecting a heavy-duty laminator.


Everyone would want to complete a task in the shortest time possible—especially when dealing with bulk projects.

Thus, go for a fast, heavy-duty laminator. And by fast, consider both the warm-up and lamination time.


The size of the machine is dependent on the size of the items you intend to laminate. Choose the laminator that will cater to the need of your projects.

Also, the size (thickness) of the laminating film is crucial.


Go for the most sophisticated heavy-duty laminator within your budget. Sophistication is technology, for example, temperature settings, built-in paper cutter, automatic paper jam detectors, etc.

Can You Laminate Several Documents In A Single Pouch Using Heavy Duty Pouch Laminator?

Advisably, you should not laminate several documents in a single pouch. Doing this will potentially lead to jamming.

Also, the laminated item will not have a better finish (with round corners) like those laminated individually.

Does The Number Of Rollers Affect The Quality Of Lamination By Heavy Duty Laminator?

Generally, two rollers can heat and at the same time seal the item being laminated.

However, some laminators are designed to perform the two roles, heating and sealing, separately. Such machines have more rollers—one set of rollers to heat the adhesive and the other set to perform the sealing function.

Are The Heavy Duty Laminator Fumes Safe?

Some heavy-duty laminators that perform hot lamination, including pouch and roll lamination, emit fumes. The fumes result from the plastic burnt during the lamination.

Arguably, the fumes may cause skin, eye, and lung irritation. However, there is no proof that the fumes are drastically toxic.

How Long Is The Warranty Of Your Heavy Duty Laminator?

The warranty time frame for heavy-duty laminators varies depending on the manufacturer. Most manufacturers set the warranty period of their heavy-duty laminators to last for five years.

Heavy duty laminating machine

Heavy duty laminating machine

What Is A Jam-Free Heavy Duty Laminator?

Generally, if you see a laminator termed as jam-free.It means that the machine is designed not to experience any jamming provided you adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions.

A jam-free heavy-duty laminator usually has an automatic sensor that detects any potential jamming and reverses the lamination process.

Do You Supply Replacement Parts For Heavy Duty Lamination Machine?

Yes, we do supply replacement parts for most heavy-duty lamination machines. Usually, we sell genuine parts depending on the make or model of your laminator.

Parts of laminating machine

Parts of laminating machine

Are There Wide Format Heavy Duty Laminators?

Heavy-duty laminators are designed to aid in the bulk lamination of all items. Thus, wide-format heavy-duty laminators are ranging from 35 to 65 inches to meet your lamination needs.

What Is The Price Of Heavy Duty Laminator?

The price of a heavy-duty laminator depends on its complexity, size, and sophistication. Hence, the prices do vary.

The price ranges from as low as $60 to as high as $1500.

Which Are The Common Problems When Operating Heavy Duty Laminator?

Similar to any other machine, laminators also experience specific common problems. You can use the table below to troubleshoot your laminator.

ProblemPossible CauseSolution
Film not stickingThe item has a dense ink coverageEnsure the ink is dry

Turn on the machine early, so it has full heat

Use the right film

Bubbles under the filmInsufficient tension

Fast feeding into the laminator

Laminator is overheated

Adjust the tension

Feed the laminator slowly

Check that the ink is dry

Do not leave the laminator idle for long

The final print has an orange peelThe machine is too hotUse the recommended working temperature for the specific film

Increase the laminator’s speed

Use another film

Curl after laminationToo much tension during lamination

Use of the wrong film on one side

Adjust the tension of the laminator

Use the appropriate film on both sides

Marks on the printA material stuck on the roll

Feeding issue resulting to image distortion

Clean the rolls

Ensure you feed the item parallel to the roll

The film wraps under the rear rollsEffect of static electricity on thin filmsContinuously feed the laminator

Ground your machine to get rid of static electricity

Use tinsel to neutralize the static electricity

Run the machine in reverse to gently pull the wrapped film.

Soft laminationThe laminator is cold

Fast lamination speed

Increase temperature

Reduce speed

Rollers not running, but the motor is operationalLoose circuit boltsContact service provider
Excessive noiseDamaged or worn-out gearsContact service provider
Laminator won’t resetToo hotAllow the laminator to cool down
JammingYou inserted the open end of the pouch first

Failure to center the pouch

Use of empty pouch

Press the reverse button and physically pull out the item
Damaged pouch after laminationRollers are damaged, or they have adhesive on themTest the cleanliness of the rollers by passing clean sheets through the laminator. Clean the rollers if necessary.

When it comes to the best heavy duty laminating machine, you should trust Huanda – contact us now.

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