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Huanda Heat Laminator

HD-320-2 Heat Laminator
  • Hot & Cold Laminator.
  • Multitap Adjustment.
  • Operate Easy, Laminating Perfect.
  • Meets European Safety Standards.
HD-460 Heat Laminator
  • Professional Laminators.
  • Operate Easy, Good Laminating.
  • Meets European Safety Standards.
  • Quality Hot and Cold Lamination.
HD-325-2 Heat Laminator
  • Modern Design for Pouch Laminator.
  • Multitap Adjustment.
  • Professional Laminators.
HD-440-2 Heat Laminator
  • Large LCD Display. Big Rollers at 63mm Diameter.
  • High Speed, Variable Temperature & Speed Control.
  • Perfect for Hot and Cold Laminating.
HD-550-2 Heat Laminator
  • Heavy Workload Professional Pouch Laminators.
  • A2 Size Pouch Laminators Control System for Speed and Temperature in Various Command.
HD-640 Heat Laminator
  • Large LCD Display.
  • Big Rollers at 63mm Diameter.
  • High Speed, Variable Temperature & Speed Control.
  • Perfect for Hot and Cold Laminating.
HD-650-2 Heat Laminator
  • Heavy Workload Professional Pouch Laminators.
  • A2 Size Pouch Laminators Control System for Speed and Temperature in Various Command.
HD-3304-2 Heat Laminator
  • LCD Display: Temperature,  Fan,  Speed Status.
  • High Speed, Variable Temperature & Speed Control.
  • Extensive Application Scope.
HD-3306-2 Heat Laminator
  • Large LCD Display.
  • 6 Rollers, Hot & Cold Laminating.
  • High Speed, Variable Temperature & Speed Control.
  • Laminating Efficiently.
  • Touch Control.
HD-3306C Heat Laminator
  • LCD Display: Temperature,  Fan,  Speed Status.
  • 4 Hot & 2 Cold Rollers Good Laminating.
  • High Speed, Variable Temperature & Speed Control.
  • Extensive Application Scope.
HD-3308 Heat Laminator
  • Large LCD Display.
  • 8 Rollers, Professional Laminator.
  • High Speed, Variable Temperature & Speed Control.
  • Laminating Efficiently. Touch Control.
HD-32020-1 Heat Laminator
  • Pouch Laminator for Office and Home Use.
  • Hot & Cold Laminator.
  • Small Size, Operate Easy.
  • Cost Effective Laminator.
HD-320B-2 Heat Laminator
  • 3-5 Minutes Warm-up.
  • Operate Easy.
  • Meets European Safety Standards.
  • LED Screen with Touch Button.
  • Best Choice for Office.
HD-460B-1 Heat Laminator
  • 3-5 Minutes Warm-up.
  • Operate Easy.
  • Meets European Safety Standards.
  • LED Screen with Touch Button.
  • Best Choice for Office.
HD-320D Heat Laminator
  • Measure by High-precision Sensor.
  • Variable Digital Temperature Control.
  • LCD Display and Fault Indicating.
  • Overhot Protection.
HD-260E-2 Heat Laminator
  • A4,  A3,  A2 Sizes. Quality Hot & Cold Lamination.
  • LCD Display, High Quality, 4-Rollers Pouch Laminators.
  • Quick Warm-up Time (Only 3 Minutes).
  • Ideal for Any Standard Laminating Application.
HD-325S Heat Laminator
  • Pouch Laminator for Office and Home Use.
  • Hot & Cold Laminator.
  • Modern Design.
  • Cost Effective Laminator.
HD-330T PLUS Heat Laminator
  • Cooling Fan Assures Stable Temperature for Long-time Operation.
  • Auto Stand by System (No Operation Over 30 Minutes).
  • Auto Shut Down ( the Temperature Over 160°C Will be Cut off).
  • Control System for Speed and Temperature in Various Command.
HD-FM350 Heat Laminator
  • Variable Speed Control.
  • LCD Display and Touch Buttons.
  • Use Easy
HD-FM365-2 Heat Laminator
  • Multifunction, Pouch Laminator and Roll Laminator.
  • LCD Display and Touch Buttons. Stylish and Elegant.
HD-FM1055 Heat Laminator
  • Variable Speed Control.
  • LCD Display and Touch Buttons.
  • Use Easy

Huanda - Your Skilled Heat Laminator Manufacturer in China

Huanda has manufactured heat laminators for more than 26 years. Designing heat laminators for a long time becomes our expertise. We can continuously supply you with different types of heat laminators for commercial or personal use. Huanda has skilled workers who can professionally produce the best operating heat laminators.

Huanda gives outstanding services to customers all over the world. We ensure secure packaging for the heat laminator. You can expect unopened and undamaged products from Huanda’s delivery. 

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Huanda Heat Laminator

Huanda heat laminators use air pressure to regulate the specific cutter up and down. We made it from superb materials, so the laminating machines will be durable and outstanding. We always try to fully satisfy our customers’ requirments. Huanda can be your distributor of heat laminator and responsible business partner. Heat laminators are applicable in offices, schools, printing shops. stationeries and many more.

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Huanda – Your Trusted Heat Laminator Manufacturer

Huanda can manufacture a large capacity of heat laminators per day that assures you continuous supply for your business. Huanda is the manufacturer where you can trust everything such as the quality, the processing, the shipping, and even the heat laminator’s friendly price.

When producing heat laminators, we always intend to fulfill their lasting quality. By purchasing a large amount of heat laminator for your business can surely help its productivity and high earnings. We assure you that it would be beneficial for you and your business to make the decision and preferring Huanda as your distributor. 

Huanda organizes and is composed of expert engineers whom you can trust when it comes to the design and composition of our heat laminators. Including our heat laminators in your developing business can help you satisfy its advantages. In Huanda only high-quality products are being released.

 We have responsible teams who can guide you for your wide range of purchased products, especially heat laminators. We are conducting 100% product analysis before importing and shipping it in China and even worldwide.

We deliver heat laminators within 15-45 days depending on the quantity range of your order. We have separate heat laminator labs that help develop better the quality of our laminators. We also provide support via installation manuals, videos, and virtual support for the exact operation of heat laminators you received.

Please feel free to contact or email us for more details!

Heat Laminator: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Whether you’re in OEM heat laminator business or looking for highly efficient lamination systems – all information you need is right here.

So, if you want to learn more about heat laminators, read this guide.

What Is Heat Laminator?

It is a laminating machine that fully utilizes /operates using heat to apply the film paper on paper documents.

Heat laminator normally utilizes the heat to melt down the adhesive in the plastic laminate which in turn sticks the document you need to laminate.

Heat laminator is commonly applied on documents that are flat and those that do not involve ink which may spread when the heat is applied.

Also, materials with a high tendency of melting under high heat cannot be laminated using a heat laminator.

Heat laminator is more efficient when it comes to durability and the quality of the documents you laminate using it.

Heat laminator

Heat laminator

What Should You Consider While Choosing Heat Laminator?

It’s important to understand what you want while choosing a heat laminator.

This will not only save you on cost but also time.

Below are some of the things you should consider before choosing a heat laminator include:

  • Reverse function: This allows you to remove/extract your documents even in the middle of the laminating process.
  • Heat guard: Allows retention of heat in the inside of the heat laminator which ensures that the outer body remains cool.
  • Auto shut-off: Controls the heating process of the heat laminator. With this, there is less likelihood of the machine overheating in case the heat laminator is not in use.
  • Cold switch: In case you are laminating heat-sensitive documents a cold switch will help you shift from heat lamination to cold lamination.
  • Warm-up: Every time you need to laminate your documents using the heat laminator, it’s important to first let the machine warm up. The heat laminator contains a heater lamp to which indicates the heater is heating up and a green light that shows the heat laminator is ready.
  • Carriers: Heat laminator contain carriers that act as an extra layer of protection between the plastic and the roller. With this feature, there are minimal chances of folding bubbling or even curling your documents during lamination.
  • Emission of fumes and smells as a result of burning glue. However, this smell or fumes are not hazardous in any form and do not have an effect n the documents you are laminating.

How Does Heat Laminator Compare To Cold Laminator?

Laminating your documents is one way to keep them safe by preventing wear and tear and also increases the durability of the documents.

Cold laminator

Cold laminator

To apply the lamination paper, you can either opt for a heat laminator or the cold laminator.

Both of these laminators use plastic film to cover up the documents you wish to laminate.

The biggest difference between the heat laminator and cold laminator is how these machines apply the laminating machine.

With heat laminator it uses heat to melt and apply the adhesive on the plastic which securely protects the documents.

On the other hand, the cold laminator uses just the adhesive and pressure to entirely secure the document.

With a heat laminator, it’s hard to maintain the original colors of the document due to the heating effect.

While for cold laminator it’s easy to maintain quality and the original colors of the documents.

In most cases, materials for heat laminator are inexpensive when you compare to those of cold laminator.

The heat laminator only laminates both sides of the documents. Whereas for cold laminator it’s easy to laminate just one side of the document. For any adhesive decorations or decals, you should use a cold laminator.

With a heat laminator, many skills are needed to operate unlike for the cold laminator which is so easy to set up and use.

Heat laminator

Heat laminator

Is Heat Laminator Same As Hot Laminator?

Yes, there isn’t any difference between the heat laminator and hot laminator.

Both heat and hot laminator use heat to melt adhesive which seals the plastic all around the document.

Which Components Make Heat Laminator?

Sections of heat laminator

Sections of heat laminator

The heat laminator is made up of different components that make it fully functional. Some of these components include;

  • Heat element: this is a device that normally heats the heat laminator.
  • Switch: A switch is used to switch the heat laminator on and off.
  • Heater lamp: When the heat lamp turns on, the heat laminator begins to heat up.
  • Smooth roller: This prevents the heat laminator from appearing so bumpy.
  • Emergency stops: This enables you to abruptly stop the lamination if there are any emerging issues. This could be the lamination is far off from what you want, you can certainly stop the heat laminator.
  • Pressure control: it normally regulates the amount of pressure that rollers exert on the document you are laminating.
  • Temperature control: It regulates the temperature levels during lamination. You can either use or high temperatures depending on the documents you are laminating.
  • Clutch: Clutch keeps all the documents you place on the document holding area in position at all times.
  • Paper: This is where you place the documents you need to laminate using the heat laminator.
  • Greenlight: This lighting indicates that the heat laminator is fully heated and ready for laminating documents.
  • Cold switch: it normally switches off the heat lamp to allow cold lamination where need be.

How Does Heat Laminator Operate?

Ideally, a heat laminator contains rollers that are normally heated.

These rollers meltdown the adhesives on the plastic. This adhesive will be applied to the lamination film.

First, to begin lamination you need to switch on the heat laminator for about 10 or so minutes allows the heat laminator to heat up.

The heat lamp shows initial heating up and the green light shows when the heat laminator is fully heated and ready for use.

After the heat laminator heats up, place the document you want to laminator on the lamination film.

This section contains two rollers one at the top and the other at the bottom for pressing/sealing the film on the document.

Do Heat Laminator Have Safety Features?

Yes, a heat laminator does have safety features. These features protect both the machine and the user from any danger.

For instance, a majority of heat laminator contains an auto shut-off mechanism which allows the heat laminator to shut off when not in use.

Apart from that, it’s always important to ensure that you observe all the safety measures to keep your machine and you safe.

Some of these measures include;

  • Avoid feeding the heat laminator with any empty plastics.
  • The hot laminator does not support one-side lamination. Therefore, do not attempt to laminate your documents on one side alone.
  • If you are not using the heat laminator, ensure you switch it off completely.
  • Only laminates the recommendable materials such as plastic and nothing less.
  • Always ensure you remove the documents you laminate after you are done to prevent bubbling or curving of the documents.

Which Quality Standards Should Heat Laminator Have?

The following are major quality standards that any heat laminator should have to allow operation. They include;

CE: This standard mostly applies in the European Union to show that indeed the heat laminator meets all the set requirements.

Another important quality certifications is UL.

Why Use Heat Laminators?

Heat laminator comes with quite a wide range of benefits. Below are some of the benefits of heat laminator;

  • With the use of a heat laminator, there is less need for human -manpower since the machine is normally automatic.
  • Laminating your documents using a heat laminator not only increases the durability of your documents but also reduces wear and tear.
  • Laminate materials for the heat laminator are normally inexpensive.
  • Heat laminator have advanced technology when it comes to some of the available features of the heat laminator. You will commonly find this heat laminator has an auto shut-off and cord storage.
  • Laminating your documents using the heat laminator means you can easily clean the surfaces on the documents since its waterproof.
  • Lamination using the heat laminator guarantees the quality of the documents. There is minimal chance of clouding, bubbling, or even folding.
  • Some of the heat laminator contains a cold switch which allows you to switch from hot lamination to cold lamination.
  • For large-scale lamination especially in offices, a heat laminator is the best option to go for.
  • Normally, you will find most of the heat laminator with more extra settings and applications. This allows the heat laminator to use even more materials and more heat settings.
  • Using a heat laminator requires more expertise. This translates to the output of the laminate you receive.
  • A heat laminator is a better choice especially when it comes to consistency during the lamination process.

What Are The Limitations Of Using Heat Laminator?

Semi auomatic thermal laminator

Semi-automatic thermal laminator

The following are some limitations of the heat laminator. They include;

  • In case of any power shortage, the heat laminator can barely function since it fully depends on electricity.
  • Heat laminator is generally slow as it requires a certain duration of time to first heat up before you begin with lamination.
  • Heat laminator produce fumes which sometimes are very messy and can have negative effects both on the user and surroundings.
  • Heat laminator is more expensive unlike buying a cold laminator.
  • While using a heat laminator it’s impossible to laminate one side of the document. You can only laminate both sides of the document.
  • There is a restriction when it comes to documents that you can laminate using a heat laminator. Water-based ink materials and photos are highly sensitive to heat therefore a heat laminator cannot laminate such materials.
  • Regular maintenance of the heat laminator is important which is inclusive of replacing the different parts of the heat laminator. All these practices can sometimes tend to be costly especially replacing the parts of the heat laminator.
  • Just like any laminator, a heat laminator also experiences misfeeds and jamming.
  • To use a heat laminator, you require expertise as it is not easy to use. You need to be more careful while operating the heat laminator as it gets hot.

Which Problems Are Common With Heat Laminator?

The following are some common problems you will find with most heat laminator.

They include;

  • Curling: This normally occurs when the document you a laminating does not lie flat. To prevent curling, you can either ensure uniformity of the film on both sides or preheat your heat laminator.
  • Pouch wraps around the rolls: This is a result of static electricity. In case this happens you can run the document reverse to remove the wrap pouch on the rolls.
    Ensure that you constantly feed the heat laminator with a pouch to prevent the wrapping.
  • Streaks or spots on the document you laminate: This normally occurs when the pouch wraps around the rolls.
    After removing the document, you will not some spots. Always clean up the rolls after removing any stick pouch on the rolls.
  • The pouch does not stick: The composition of the inks and the interaction with adhesives determines how the pouch will stick.
    If the ink is more the pouch has a low likelihood of sticking.
    To cab, this problem ensures you have the right pouch and use documents with dry ink.
  • Orange peel print: You may find orange dots on the document you have laminated.
    This is a result of the high heat used during lamination.
    Ensure you are using the right temperatures while laminating your documents.

Can You Laminate Multiple Documents Using Heat Laminators?

No, it’s not possible to laminate multiple documents at a go using a heat laminator.

Remember a heat laminator laminates on both sides.

More so, some of these materials require different temperatures so you cannot feed them in a heat laminator all at once.

Laminating multiple documents can easily lead to jamming of the heat laminator.

Are There Heat Laminators With Rollers?

Heat laminator with rollers

Heat laminator with rollers

Yes, there are heat laminators with rollers. The rollers get heated which in turn heats the adhesive.

This melted adhesive will be used to seal the documents you need to laminate.

These rollers vary greatly depending on the capacity of lamination you need. There are 2 rollers, 4 roller, and 6 roller heat laminators.

How Much Does Heat Laminator Cost?

Generally, a heat laminator is a little bit more prices when you compare it to a cold laminator. This cost of the heat laminator depends on the following factors;

  • The size of the heat laminator: The smaller the heat laminator is the less the cost and vice versa.
  • Type of heat laminator: The cost of heat laminator also varies with the type. For instance, pouch heat laminate is cheaper than the large film heat laminator.
  • The type of brand of the heat laminator: High-end heat laminators tend to be more prices than the common generic heat laminator.
  • The number of rollers that the heat laminator has: You will find a heat laminator with 2 rollers,4 rollers, or even 6 rollers. The cost of each of its heat laminator varies.
  • Strength: We have a heat laminator with different strengths from extra-rigid, rigid, medium, and standard. Each of these has different prices.

At What Temperature Does Heat Laminator Operate?

Ideally, the temperature at which the heat laminator operates is dependent on the thickness of the film you are using to laminate. This temperature ranges from 180 to 300 degrees.

We use microns to measure the thickness of the pouch which determines the firmness and rigidity of the documents you laminate.

Additionally, the temperature of the heat laminator also depends on the model and type of the heat laminator.

For instance, a large heat laminator normally requires extremely high temperatures.

Again, if for instance, you have a pouch heat laminator, the temperature varies as the thickness of the pouch.

How Long Does It Take Heat Laminator to Heat Up?

The duration at which the heat laminator takes to heat up entirely depends on the type and the size of the heat laminator.

Every heat laminator requires time to warm which varies from as low as 30 seconds to 15 minutes.

The heat laminator contains lights that normally indicate when it’s ready for use.

For the adhesive to melt, you have to let the heat laminator fully heat up.

Which Laminating Films Can You Use In Heat Laminator?

Heat laminator uses heat laminating films which use the heated adhesives to seal your documents all around.

However, for documents that have water-based ink, a heat laminator cannot be used since it will degrade the quality of the document.

For documents such as business cards, identification cards certificates among others can be laminated using a hot laminator.

Which Industries Use Heat Laminator?

Different industries are using the heat laminator since it’s fast and more efficient when it comes to capacity production.

Furthermore, there is a guarantee of durability of documents laminated using the heat laminator.

The most common places you will find the use of heat laminator include;

  • Schools
  • Cooperate offices
  • Large production industries
  • Cybercafes.

Is There Difference Between Heat Laminator And Thermal Laminator?

The major difference between the heat laminator and thermal laminator is the heating temperatures.

For heat laminator, it operates within 230 to 275 degrees F while a thermal laminator operates within 230 to 270 degrees F

A thermal laminator laminates a pouch of thickness up to 5 Mil while a heat laminator can laminate pouch with up to 10 Mil thickness.

What Is the Power Rating For Heat Laminator?

The power ratings of the heat laminator mostly depend on the following factors;

  • The type of the heat laminator.
    Different types of heat laminator have different power consumptions.
  • Size of the heat laminator.
    The bigger the heat laminator the higher the amount of power is consumed.

Which New Technologies Can You Find In Modern Heat Laminators?

Below are some of the latest technologies you will find in a modern heat laminator. They include;

  • 7 memory settings: This ensures the heat laminator is set to the correct and accurate temperatures. It also ensures the set speed is per the pouch thickness.
  • Auto shut-off: This mechanism allows the heated laminate to automatically cool down and shut off when no one is attending to it. This not only saves you on power but also prolongs the lifespan of the heat laminator.
  • Air-cooling system: Regulates the temperatures inside the heat laminator to ensure it stays cool at all times during lamination.
  • 6 roller thermal system: it’s more enhanced providing you with bubble-free lamination finish on your documents.
  • User-friendly control panel which contains large liquid crystal display, more memory settings which makes it easier to interact and operate.
  • Cold switch: This allows you to shift from heat lamination to cold lamination when the need arises.
  • Carriers: This provides an extra layer that protects the plastic and the hot rollers. With this, there is minimal clouding or bubbling on the documents you laminate.

In case you have any questions or inquiry about heat laminators, contact us now.

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