HD-ZY1 Easy to Use Cost-effective Binding and Folding Machine

WMseries booking binding and folding machine (WM-ZY1), one product of advanced design, excellent craftwork, first-rank quality. It gathers the bookbinding, book folding, and book madding. It is the ideal selection for the office working for its cabinet exterior and also its using is very easy.

  • Binding and Folding Machine(Manual).
  • High Cost-effective.
  • Use Easy.
Bind capacity20 sheets 70gsm paper
Binding sizeA3
Speed500 booklets/hour
Binding methodManual
Machine size495*395*150mm
Carton size575*450*215mm
Paper sizeMax. 297mm×420mm

Min. 197mm×273mm

Max. binding capacity24 pages (80g/page)
Max. folding capacity14 page (80g/page) or 56 pages of small volume
VoltageAC220V  0.5A 50Hz
Exterior sizeL500mm×W395mm×H220mm
  1. Please clear the machine after your everyday work.
  2. Please immitsome lubricant in some moving parts every quarter, such as the chain wheel, the running axis, that can ensure the machine working smooth
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Operation process

1). Preparation before operation

  1. Install the handle.
  2. Install the staple
  3. Inspect every part in the machine if they work flexibly

2). Operation process

  1. Select the base of binding. (use the anterior ruler or the back ruler as the base according to the panel instruction).
  2. Select the stapler position according to the paper size.
  3. Fix the paper position by moving the warding paper plate. (one side of the paper should be leaned tightly, and the other two sides should be leaned on the warding paper plate.)
  4. Take hold of the handle and press it, and the book is bound over.
  5. Take hold of the handle by the right hand and pull it in clockwise, the gear wheel is folded, and then the book folding is finished.
  6. After operating, please replace the machine with every part, and clear the machine.

Safety instruction

  1. Use the power which is suitable to the machine
  2. Use the standard paper and staple.
  3. Please pullthe handle clockwise immediately when folding book, or else, the gear wheel might be broken down.
  4. Do not put your hands under the staplerwhen binding book, or else, your hands might be hurt.
  5. Do not touch the rollerof paper folding when the machine is working, or else, your hands might be beared in it.
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