HD-650 A1 Professional Pouch Laminator with 44 mm Rollers in Diameter

Searching for an expert manufacturer of pouch laminators with 44 mm rollers in diameter? Selecting Huanda is a great decision! We guarantee to supply high-quality different types of pouch laminators for wholesalers, importers, or stationery shop owners!

  • Heavy Workload Professional Pouch Laminators.
  • A2 Size Pouch Laminators
  • Control System for Speed and Temperature in Various Command.
Laminating Width650 min
Laminating Thickness1.2mm
Laminating Speed600-1600mm/min
Rollers Quantity4
Rollers Diameter44mm
Heating MethodsOutside the Roller
Machine Power1200W
Type of MotorDC/24V
Machine Size865*295*135(mm)
Pack Size1120*450*285(mm)

Characteristic and Use:

This new type of laminator is developed by our company recently, and this new laminator has two patents. New design, according to both Chinese and overseas pouch film characteristics, we design the rollers especially, including rigidity, the rollers driving, precision, and control system. This laminator has both hot laminating and cold mounting.

This laminator can meet high-quality laminating effect requirements, easy operation, and the laminated item is very flat and lucent, and also can protect against the tide, water, fading, and altering, so it can keep for very long term.

laminator factory

Operation process:

1. Connect the machine to the power(110/220VAC 60/50HZ),turn on the machine displaying screen will be on and it will read current temperature and speed. The motor running and machine will start heating, and the roller temperature will rise very soon.

2. The default setting temperature is 100℃, and the default setting speed is third grade, a consumer can adjust the temperature and speed into the best position according to the pouch film thickness press the TEMP“+”-” button now and set into  the needed temperature press SPEED“+”-” button and set into the needed speed

3. After heating for 4 minutes, when the temperature into the set temperature data, the READY light will be on all time and then can be laminating work.

4. Put the item into the pouch film, and put the closed end of the pouch film into the machine first, after several seconds, one good laminating effect item will come out.

Note: do not please put the open end into the machine first, or else, the laminated item will ruffle, or the pouch film will wrap around the rollers.

5. In the laminating progress, if you find the item is not put in a good position, you can press the REVERSE button, the motor running reversely, and turn back the item, and you can put the item again.

6. Please set the temperature at 20℃ or lower when cold laminating then the machine will go into a cold laminating situation when the temperature reaches into room temperature then you can cold laminating work.

This laminator both temperature and speed can be adjustable 25℃ room temperature recommend following temperature and speed

Pouch film thickness, temperature and speed refer list:

Pouch film setting        ( room temperature  25℃)
Film thicknessitem g/m2 temperature speed














According to the pouch film size, thickness and material, maybe you also need to adjust as following:

if the temperature is low, and the laminating item is not clear, we can increase the temperature;

if the temperature is high, the pouch film has wrinkles, you can reduce the temperature.


  1. Do not first put to unseal end pouch film into the machine, this will lead the pouch film to be rumpled, or the pouch film will unwind the rollers.
  2. When insert the pouch film, should put the pouch film between the two input lines.
  3. Put the machine at a dry and clear position, should be far away from the flammable item.
  4. Do not let the water into the machine, do not put some item on the machine when working.
  5. For your safety, please connect the machine to the ground line
  6. When turning off the machine, please set the machine in 100 degrees, wait for 2 minutes, and then cut the power, this can the roller to stop running suddenly and lead to the roller someplace being too hot.
  7. Do not repair the machine when power connecting.
  8. Please clean the roller with the soft cloth in alcohol, could not use the benzine and another thinner, could not use the metal tool.
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