HD-440 High-Speed Hot and Cold Pouch Laminator

Huanda is the reachable manufacturer and supplier of high-speed hot and cold pouch laminators. Due to our advanced technology, Huanda can assembly up to 1000 laminators! The customer can always count on us for supplying premium quality pouch laminators!

  • Large LCD Display.
  • Big Rollers at 63mm Diameter.
  • High Speed, Variable Temperature & Speed Control.
  • Perfect for Hot and Cold Laminating.
Laminating size440mm
Laminating thickness
Roller diameter63mm
Roller quantity4
Heating methodInside the roller
Ready time5~8 minutes
Machine size702*420*240mm
Packing size820*580*380mm


Recently, our company has developed pouch laminators with quick warm-up and power-saving functions! The laminators are in compliance with CE, KC, and RoHS standards!

HD-440N can protect documents and photos from wear, tear, liquids, and humidity. While preserving and enhancing the appearance of documents.

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Technology Parameter

Model:        HD-440

Voltage:        220V/50HZ

Power Consumption: 1100W

Input current:    10A

Rollers:    4 pcs

Speed:    600-2000mm/min

Laminating thickness:    0-2.5mm

Temp. range:    0-160℃

Laminating width:    440mm

Machine size:  702mm*420mm*240mm

Machine Weight:      38KG



  1. left side cover
  2. top cover
  3. right side cover
  4. Enter place
  5. LCD screen Keyboard


  1. Temp. reach indication: At the first time of heating, the smiling face blinks, when temp. reaches to the set rate, the smiling face will be on all the time.
  2. Heating progress :  Show the heating process, when it is full, which means that the temp. reaches the set rate.
  3. Roller running direction indication: Show the roller running forward or reversely.
  4. Temp. indication:  Show the set temp. or meas. the Temp., temp. can be set between 0℃ and 160℃.
  5. Speed indication: Show the set speed, the speed can choose between 0 and 9 directly.
  6. Mode indication: 4 sets of fixed lamination mode can be chosen directly, add another set of setting mode, and another one set of cold mounting mode
  7. Status indication: Show the machine working status,

RUN:forward   REV:Reverse

COLD: cold mounting  STAY:ready mode

  1. Mode selection: 4 sets of fixed laminating modes can be chosen directly, every set of temp. and speed is not same, choose the suitable model according to the film thickness,

Thin-film: low temp. or high speed or both;thick film: high temp. or slow speed or both

  1. Temp. set: there is two ways:
  2. fine adjustment: press the temp. control button once by once
  3. rapid adjustment:Press the temp. control button for a long time.
  4. Speed selection: 9 grades of speed,choose the suitable speed according to the film thickness.
  5. FAN: start and stop the fans.
  6. Meas.temp. button: press this button can know the temp. of the hot rollers.
  7. start/stop button: Start and stop the machine
  8. Reverse: Press and stay this button, rollers will run reversely, and the film will return back.

Operation process:

  1. Connect the machine to the power(220V/50HZ),turn on the machine(the switch is at the machine back),LCD will be on,show last time set temperature,the machine does not run, does not heating.
  2. You can choose a suitable laminating mode or set a suitable temperature and speed according to your laminating film thickness.
  3. Press the heat start button, machine starts running and heating,the LCD will show motor running, the heating process progress bar will increase little by little.
  4. After heating 3-5 minutes,when temp. reach into the set rate, the heating process bar are full and the smiling face will not blink, or have buzzing, now you can laminating the item.
  5. Put the item into the pouch film, and put the closed end of the pouch film into the machine first, after several seconds, one good laminating effect item will come out.

Note: do not please put the open end into the machine first, or else, the laminated item will ruffle or the pouch film will wrap around the rollers.

  1. In the laminating progress, f you find the item is not put in good position, you can press the REVERSE button, the motor running reversely, and turn back the item, and you can put the item again.
  2. This machine has an auto-memory function, last time set temperature and speed will be saved automatically, no need to set them again in next time.

8. After finish work, press the “COLD” button first, make the machine running for about 3 minutes and then press the “OFF” button or turn off the machine

This laminator both temperature and speed can be adjustable,at 25℃ room temperature,recommend following temperature and speed:

Pouch film thickness, temperature and speed refer list:

Film thicknessTemp.Speed

According to the pouch film size, thickness, and material, maybe you also need to adjust as following:

if the temperature is low, and the laminating item is not clear, we can increase the temperature;

if the temperature is high, the pouch film has wrinkles, you can reduce the temperature.


  1. Do not first put the unseal end pouch film into the machine, this will lead the pouch film to rumple or the pouch film will enwind the rollers.
  2. When insert the pouch film, should put the pouch film between the two input lines.
  3. Put the machine at a dry and clear position, should be far away from the flammable item.
  4. Do not let the water into the machine, do not put some item on the machine when working.
  5. For your safe, please connect the machine in the ground line
  6. When turn off the machine, please set the machine under 100 degrees, wait for 3 minutes, and press the “RUN” button or turn off the power, this can avoid the roller someplace from too hot owing to the rollers stop running suddenly.
  7. Do not repair the machine when the power is connecting.
  8. Please clean the roller with the soft cloth in alcohol, could not use the gasoline and another thinner, could not use the metal tool.
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