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Huanda is the leading manufacturer of office & school equipment. We are experienced more than 25 years to manage produce and export all types of post-press machines. Commercial Laminators are extremely useful in offices, schools, and many other application areas.

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Huanda Commercial Laminator

HD-FM350 Commercial Laminator
  • Variable Speed Control.
  • LCD Display and Touch Buttons.
  • Use Easy
HD-FM365-2 Commercial Laminator
  • Multifunction, Pouch Laminator and Roll Laminator.
  • LCD Display and Touch Buttons.
  • Stylish and Elegant.
HD-FM1055 Commercial Laminator
  • Variable Speed Control.
  • LCD Display and Touch Buttons.
  • Use Easy

Huanda - Your Solid Commercial Laminator Manufacturer in China

Huanda as your dependable manufacturer provides superior commercial laminators. We make sure to export only durable commercial laminators with outstanding functions.

Besides, our company assures that our commercial laminators are made up of high-quality materials. 

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Huanda Commercial Laminator

Huanda is a premium manufacturer of excellent quality commercial laminators. We own a fully automatic painting line to secure the exact metal case surface of a commercial laminator. Huanda never fails to satisfy customers. We have various types of commercial laminators that can boost customers’ business. The buyer can select any type of commercial laminator that is ideal for his requirements. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

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Huanda – Your Well-Known Commercial Laminator Manufacturer

Huanda is solid in terms of manufacturing only high-quality commercial laminators and providing outstanding services for our customers. Wholesalers can fully benefit by purchasing at factory price from us and after reselling laminators at market price!

We are known for having loyal clients who prefer to purchase economical yet top-quality laminators. We have trained learnings and understandings in producing commercial laminators. Huanda organizes individuals and teams for easy processing stages.

We have support teams as well as manuals for exact installations, videos to guide you, and even online assistance. Conclude that you can have your achieving business when you associate with Huanda’s commercial laminators.

Huanda aimed to introduce commercial laminators of the highest quality at a lesser price. We created a commercial laminator with an adjustable total of temperature and speed. It usually has a capacity of 27” lamination wide. We also provide options of commercial laminators that are perfect for your requirements and your budget.

Let us know your desired commercial laminators, and we will process instantly your orders. Just contact or email us!

Commercial Laminator: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you have any question about commercial laminator, you will find the answer right here.

So whether you want to learn about features, design, working principle or uses of these lamination systems, you will find the answer right here.

Keep reading to learn more.

What Is Commercial Laminator?

A commercial laminator is a machine that is used to protection of documents from damage by sealing them with a plastic film.

commercial laminator

commercial laminator

Which Features Should You Look for In Commercial Laminator?

Some of the features that you should look for in a commercial laminator include:

  • Chassis: you should ensure that it is sturdy and not wobbly or insecure.
  • Rollers: for commercial laminators which work for a wide range of laminates over a long distance, choose those with cambered rollers.
    For thicker laminates at a shorter run length, choose those with parallel rollers.
  • Higher speeds
  • Thermal laminating system
  • A warm-up time that lasts for a minute on average
  • Fully adjustable speed
  • Temperature settings
  • Ability to handle larger fil core sizes such as 2.25’’ or 3’’
  • Reverse function and jam release
  • Safety features.

Which Are The Available Types of Commercial Laminator?

The available types of commercial laminators include:

  • Heat commercial laminator: heat laminator uses a double heat laminating system and allows you to adjust different options depending on the types of materials.

 heat commercial laaminator

heat commercial laminator

  • Cold commercial laminator: cold laminator uses high pressure to make laminated materials of high quality.
  • Pouch commercial laminator: pouch laminator is smaller in size and has a simple operation mechanism.
    This commercial laminator is mostly used to make ID cards for commercial purposes.

pouch commercial laminator

pouch commercial laminator

  • Large commercial laminator: large laminator can adjust the temperature according to the thickness of pouches and the wide range of materials.

large commercial laminator

large commercial laminator

What Are The Advantages Of Commercial Laminators?

Some of the advantages of a commercial laminator include:

  • It helps in keeping documents and other items safe and protected from damage for years of use.
  • A commercial laminator can stiffen the material thus making it excellent to create tabletop displays and poster signs for hanging.
  • It makes storage of documents easy; you will not have to be worried about them turning yellow after they have been stored in inboxes.
  • A commercial laminator improves the appearance of your documents and other items in several ways.
  • Commercial laminator is relatively affordable and will ensure returns on investment in the long run.
  • It is very fast and can ready your documents in about a minute.
  • Light in weight and portable thus can be transported with so much ease.

How Much Does A Commercial Laminator Cost?

The price of commercial laminators tends to vary depending on factors such as size, type, and features.

Typically, you can spend between $17 and $300 on a commercial laminator.

For a basic commercial laminator which is suited for handling smaller projects, the cost may range between $17 to $65.

For an intermediate commercial laminator which is suited for mid-size projects, the cost may range between $70 to $175.

For an advanced commercial laminator which is suited for handling larger projects, the cost may range between $180 to $300.

What Type Of Commercial Laminator Is Suited for Fragile Items?

It is important to avoid using hot commercial laminators for fragile items.

This is because the heat may destroy fragile documents, photos, and other items.

You should opt for a cold commercial laminator which makes use of pressure in sealing the film around your documents.

What Is The Lamination Speed Of A Commercial Laminator?

The time that a commercial laminator takes to laminate is one of the most important aspects to consider in a commercial laminator.

It tends to depend on a lot of factors although its characteristics are more crucial to the laminating usage time and speed of the commercial laminator.

The lamination speed of a commercial laminator is determined in inches per minute or feet per minute.

A typical mid-range commercial laminator model tends to work in a range of about 0.7 feet to 1.5 feet per minute.

It is important to note that this speed tends to vary depending on the quality of the mechanism of your commercial laminator.

How Much Heat Is Required By A Commercial Laminator?

The heat which is required by a commercial laminator will depend on the substrate or film which you are using.

Generally, the heat may range between 40 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius at a pressure of about 5 to 6 kgs for an 80-micron self-adhesive vinyl.

What Thickness Of Laminating Pouch Do I Need For A Commercial Laminator?

The thickness of laminating pouch which you will need for a commercial laminator include:

  • 3 mil each side: it is a lamination pouch that is relatively thin and economical.
    It also makes it possible for the laminated documents to be folded or rolled.
  • 5 mil each side: it is durable and sturdy and makes the documents flat, smooth, and possible to be rolled.
  • 7 mil each side: makes the lamination clear, strong, and rigid. The laminations are smooth, flat, and able to roll or fold.
  • 10 mil each side: this is a heavy-duty lamination pouch that is durable, stiff, and clear. The laminated documents will be rigid, will not roll or crease.

What Are The Types Of Films Used By Commercial Laminators?

A few of the available types of films used by a commercial laminator are listed below:

  • Gloss: it is glossy and bright and makes it possible for imagery and colors underneath to pop.
  • Luster: This is a blend of gloss and matte and it makes printed documents appear very vibrant and elegant.
  • Matte: it tends to reduce glare and soften your image.
    Matte is mostly used for signage as the glare from lights overhead and that from windows may reduce their legibility.

Are There Any Limitations Of Commercial Laminators?

A commercial laminator has very few limitations and these may include:

  • Some of the commercial laminators may not be designed to handle very thick pouches.
  • At times they may require ling warm u time failure to which may result in wrinkling and bubbling issues.
  • Depending on the functions they serve, some commercial laminators may be expensive.

How Do I Maintain Commercial Laminator?

Some of the ways of maintaining a commercial laminator include:

  • Ensure that the commercial laminator is turned off before you plug it in.
  • Make sure that the rollers of your commercial laminator are kept free of dirt and dust on regular basis.
  • Use an air compressor in clearing any areas which are clogged on the commercial laminator.
  • Inspect for wires or plugs which are loose as they need to be tightened.
  • Check your commercial laminator for any loose screws.
  • Make sure that all the electrical cords are securely inserted in outlets and at any point, they are not frayed.

What Are The Benefits Of Auto-Shutoff Feature In A Commercial Laminator?

Some of the benefits of the auto-shutoff feature in a commercial laminator include:

  • It makes sure that your commercial laminator shuts down after a predetermined period of inactivity.
  • Auto-shutoff is a safety feature because if hot laminators are left unattended to may cause burns and other safety hazards.
  • It improves the lifespan of your commercial laminator as it will last a long time if not left on for long periods.

What Are The Uses of Commercial Laminators?

Some of the uses of commercial laminators include:

At the office, a commercial laminator can be used in the lamination of:

  • Education and training materials
  • Restaurant and bar menus
  • Parts and price-lists
  • Membership cards

At home, you can use your commercial laminator in the lamination of:

  • Weekly menus
  • Checklists for cleaning
  • Luggage tags
  • Recipe cards
  • Photos

In case you enjoy crafting, you can use a commercial laminator to:

  • Create bookmarks
  • Press flowers
  • Preserve the artwork of your children
  • Make homemade playing cards
  • Make memory books for your children.

How Big Is Commercial Laminator?

Commercial laminators are available in several sizes depending on the function you would like them to serve.

They tend to be big enough to accommodate items that are larger than 27 inches in width.

What Is The Difference Between Hot And Cold Commercial Laminators?

The difference between hot and cold commercial laminators includes:

 hot commercial laminator

hot commercial laminator

  • Hot laminators: they use heat in melting the adhesive backing on the piece of the film. This makes it possible to bond the film around the items which you are laminating to ensure that they are completely sealed.
  • Cold laminators: they use pressure in sealing pieces of film around items you would like to laminate.
    The film which is used tends to have a texture that is slightly tacky to enable ease in pressure adhesion.

cold commercial laminator

cold commercial laminator

Can You Adjust Speed Of Commercial Laminator?

Yes, you can adjust the speed of a commercial laminator.

In case the speed is too fast, it will make it impossible to transmit enough heat and thus may result in silvering in your documents.

If the speed of the commercial laminator is too slow, a lot of heat will be transmitted and you will obtain wavy items.

Therefore, you will always have to find a balance between speed and heat in a commercial laminator.

You can adjust the speed of the commercial laminator using the speed setting.

However, if there is no speed setting, then you will need to adjust the heat of the commercial laminator.

In case you have a bot of them, then you can try to set both to obtain the right setting for the type of document you are adjusting.

How Long Will Commercial Laminator Take To Warm Up?

A commercial laminator may warm up in as little as 30 seconds but it can also take as long as 10 to 15 minutes depending on the model.

Typically, commercial laminators tend to have an indicator light that informs you once it is warmed up.

What Are The Main Causes Of Commercial Laminator Breakdown?

Some of the main causes of commercial laminator breakdown include:

  • The inappropriate capacity of the commercial laminator.
  • Lack of attention to the conditions in the pace of installation such as temperature and dampness.
  • The wrong installation procedure of the commercial laminator.
  • Excess load in the commercial laminator or mistakes in the connection of its cables.
  • Mistake in the operation of the commercial laminator.
  • Poor maintenance procedures of the commercial laminator and its accessories.
  • Normal wear and tear of the commercial laminator.

Do You Supply Commercial Laminator Replacement Parts?

Yes, we do supply replacements parts for commercial laminators.

You can reach out to us with the specifications that you need and the parts will be sent to you.

How Do You Fix Pouch Jam in Commercial Laminator?

If a pouch jam occurs in your commercial laminator, the first thing you need to do is to shut it off.

This is because if you do not, the commercial laminator will continue to operate and it could burn itself out.

Once the commercial laminator is turned off, you will then analyze it to determine the exact nature of the problem.

Mostly, commercial laminators tend to jam because the item which is being laminated is too thick.

It might be either the pouch is too thick or you attempted to laminate a very big item not suited for the commercial laminator.

In this case, you will need to turn the commercial laminator on and then put it in reverse mode and attempt pulling gently on the pouch to remove it.

At times the commercial laminator will jam because the pouch may end up getting wrapped around the rollers.

This is mainly due to the build-up of an adhesive on the commercial laminator.

If this happens, you can try using the same procedure highlighted above to remove the pouch jam.

Additionally, if your commercial laminator has a pouch jam lever, you can attempt using it to free the material that is jammed.

In case you have attempted everything and the pouch jam does not come out, you should seek professional assistance.

Are Commercial Laminators UL Rated?

Yes, commercial laminators are UL-rated.

What Is the Function Of Carrier In Commercial Laminator?

The function of a carrier in a commercial laminator include:

  • The carrier prevents adhesive that is melted from leading to problems with the gears of the commercial laminator.
  • It protects the laminating pouch against scratches during the process of lamination.
  • The carrier ensures even and high-quality laminating.
    This is by preventing excess adhesive which oozes from the laminating pouch from sticking to the rollers of the commercial laminator.
  • Prevents pouches from wrapping around the rollers during the process of lamination.

How Heavy Is Commercial Laminator?

Different types of commercial laminators tend to weigh differently depending on the materials used in their production.

Also includes other additional features.

It is therefore important to liaise with your manufacture and seek clarification of the weight of the commercial laminator that you need.

Also clarify on  any other additional features.

What Are The Features of Cold Roll Commercial Laminator?

Some of the features of a cold roll commercial laminator include:

  • It uses a plastic film that is coated with an adhesive and has a glossy backing that does not adhere to the glue.
    When the glossy backing is eliminated, the adhesive becomes exposed and it then sticks directly onto the item being laminated.
  • Cold roll commercial laminator is suitable for those items which would be damaged by heat.
  • It has rollers of very high precision and adjustable roller pressure.
  • Produces items that are durable thus ensuring they last for a long time.
  • More versatile as compared to other types of commercial laminators.

What Is The Running Cost Of A Commercial Laminator?

Commercial laminators of varying models tend to incur different running costs.

This depends majorly on features such as speed, capacity, size, heat, and warm-up time.

Therefore, it is important to do sufficient research and identify the commercial laminator that has running costs that are within your budget.

Alternatively, you can reach out to the manufacturer of the commercial laminator and seek clarification of the running costs you will incur.

What Causes Commercial Laminator To Overheat?

Some of the causes of overheating in a commercial laminator include:

  • When the heat that is produced in the commercial laminator is more than the amount which is expected.
  • If the dissipation of heat is poor in a way that the waste heat which is produced does not properly drain away.
  • An accidental fault of the circuit in a commercial laminator such as a spark-gap or short circuit.
  • Lack of a proper system of heat dissipation.

What Is The Difference Between Film And Pouch Commercial Laminator?

Lamination pouch tends to have a much higher polyester to adhesive content as compared to lamination film.

This in turn makes lamination pouches to be more stiff and rigid as compared to a similar item laminated using lamination film.

It is for this reason that it is relatively affordable to laminate using film as compared to a pouch commercial laminator.

pouch commercial laminator

pouch commercial laminator

How Can You Stop Commercial Laminator From Squeaking?

Some of the ways of stopping commercial laminators from squeaking include:

  • Oiling the commercial laminator using a lubricant suited for the machine.
  • Checking if there are loose screws in the commercial laminator and fixing them.
  • Change the way the commercial laminator is mounted to reduce the squeaking.

What Are The Features Of Heavy-Duty Commercial Laminator?

Some of the features of heavy-duty commercial laminator include:

  • Internal adjustable temperature control feature for fine-tuning the temperature.
  • Fan cooled and has an aluminum heat sink to achieve additional cooling.
  • External thermometer used for exact heating the temperature.
  • Has separate illuminated “run” and “power” switched to offer stand-by capabilities.
  • Speed of 33’’ per minute.
  • Its housing material is metal chassis or plastic covers.
  • The warm-up time of a heavy-duty commercial laminator is between 3 to 5 minutes.
  • Its width is about 12-9/16’’.

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