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Our primary goal is to provide customers with the best quality products and at affordable prices.

  • Certified with CE, ISO, RoHS, and more international quality standards
  • 20 sets of CNC machine, 3 sets of high-tech laser cutting machine, 3 sets of binding machine
  • Wide range of booklet stapling machine
  • 25+ years of experience in manufacturing booklet stapling machine
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Huanda Booklet Stapling Machine

HD-ZY1 Booklet Stapling Machine
  • Binding and Folding Machine (Manual).
  • High-quality. Cost-effective.
  • Use Easy.
HD-ZY2 Booklet Stapling Machine
  • Automatic Binding.
  • Binding and Folding Machine.
  • Use Easy.
  • Extensive Application Scope.
HD-ZY3 Booklet Stapling Machine Supplier
  • Iron Wire as Binding Material. Lowcost.
  • With Paper Side Pat Function. (Ability to make tidy papers while binding).
HD-ZY3 PLUS Booklet Stapling Machine Manufacturer
  • Iron Wire as Binding Material. Lowcost.
  • With Paper Side Pat Function. (Ability to make tidy papers while binding).
HD-ZY4 PLUS in China
  • Automatic,  High speed,  Efficient.
  • Can be Connected to Collating Machine and Edge Trimmer Etc.
  • Binding and Folding One Complete Operation. Save your energy and time.
  • Saddle Stitching,  Flat Binding,  Corner Binding, Simple Mode Conversion.
  • Roll of Wire for Binding. Cost-effective. Easy to Disassemble and Maintain.

Huanda – Your Premier Booklet Stapling Machine Manufacturer

Huanda is a leading book stapling machine designer, developer, manufacturer, and distributor. Since 1995, we became the honorable brand of booklet stapling machines. We supply a wide range of products to domestic and international office stationeries.

Our company owns more than 5000 square meters factory along with over 100 employees. Due to that facts, we can easily and rapidly manufacture high-quality booklet stapling machines Whether you are a wholesaler or importer of book stapling machines, Huanda is the best manufacturer for you!

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Huanda Booklet Stapling Machine

Our booklet stapling machines have gained a high level of satisfaction from customers around the world. The quality of our products is constantly proven and tested. Huanda has a dedicated research and development team to customize booklet stapling machines in accordance with clients’ requests.

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Your Best Partner for Booklet Stapling Machines

Huanda manufactures high-quality booklet stapling machines at an affordable price. For more than 25 years, we are committed to offering clients extra service and top-quality machines.

Our company produces booklet stapling machines that are perfect for pad stapling and saddle stitching suitable for different paper sizes. They are easy and simple to operate.

Huanda booklet stapling machines have a high stapling capacity. Huanda’s booklet stapling machines offer reliable, accurate, and fast stapling functions. These are highly demanded in the printing industry.

If you are looking for  superb booklet stapling machines, Huanda is the right choice! We are widely known as the most trusted manufacturer and supplier of high-quality booklet stapling machines. We have a hardworking research and development team to design and manufacture innovative products.

Aside from that, Huanda always ensures to manufacture booklet stapling machines in compliance with CE, RoHS, ISO safety & quality standards. Additionally, our quality control team strictly inspects the performance of our products before delivery.

Whether you are a wholesaler or importer of booklet stapling machines, Huanda can make customers’ dreams come true! We offer low MOQ, in order to encourage dropshipping and start-up businesses. Due to our complete manufacturing lines, we guarantee to fulfill purchasers’ orders in 15 to 45 days depending on order volume.

Huanda is committed to giving its customers online support including voice calls,  face-to-face calls, video guides, and more.

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