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Huanda is a popular Booklet Making Machine manufacturer in China. Our wide range of Booklet Making machines is made from high-class raw materials and complied with ISO, CE, RoHS, and more certifications.

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Huanda Booklet Making Machine

HD-ZY1 Booklet Making Machine 1
  • Binding and Folding Machine(Manual).
  • High Cost-effective.
  • Use Easy.
HD-ZY2 Booklet Making Machine 2
  • Automatic Binding.
  • Binding and Folding Machine.
  • Use Easy.
  • Extensive Application Scope.
HD-ZY3 Booklet Making Machine 4
  • Iron Wire as Binding Material, Lowcost.
  • With Paper Side Pat Function, Canmake Papers Tidy When Binding.
HD-ZY3 upgraded fully automatic booklet making machine
  • Iron Wire as Binding Material, Lowcost.
  • With Paper Side Pat Function, Canmake Papers Tidy When Binding.
HD-ZY4 PLUS Booklet Making Machine 5
  • Automatic、High speed、Efficient.
  • Can be Connected to Collating Machine and Edge Trimmer Etc.
  • Binding and Folding One Complete Operation, Save Labor and Time.
  • Saddle Stitching、Flat Binding、Corner Binding, Simple Mode Conversion.
  • Roll of Wire for Binding Cost-effective Easy to Disassemble and Maintain.

Huanda -Your Excellent Booklet Making Machine Provider

In China, Huanda is known for being one of the finest manufacturers of Booklet Making Machine. We have 25+ years of manufacturing experience. We ensure the greatest quality, durability, effectiveness, and very affordable price products.

Owing to our mature technology, advanced production line, and skilled engineers and technicians, we have become experts in this field. We have the strong capabilities to manufacture up to 1000 pcs laminators each day. Message us your inquiry for your next order.

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Huanda Booklet Making Machine

For many years, Huanda Booklet Making Machine has been trusted by many clients, wholesalers, suppliers, importers, etc. Each Booklet Making Machine we provide to the customer is 100% quality tested and checked before the packaging and shipping process.

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Huanda – Your Reliable Booklet Making Machine Manufacturer


If you’re looking for the best booklet-making machine manufacturer and supplier, Huanda is the proper choice! Booklet Making Machines are playing a significant role in the printing industry since most of the parts of the job require some level of folding and stitching.

Huanda, as a well-established manufacturer, produces all types of Booklet Making machines with versatile and practical designs. Our Huanda Booklet Making Machine has many innovative features that contribute to unrivaled book quality and consistency. Whether you need a booklet folding machine, automatic booklet maker, manual booklet maker, or booklet stapling machine, Huanda is here for you!

Huanda Booklet Making Machine produces high-quality, value-added, and square-edged booklets. It is a durable booklet maker featuring a space-saving compact, flexible and reliable booklet-making system design. And of course, it is easy to set up and operate.

Huanda Booklet Making Machines meet the needs of various digital printers who demand outstanding book quality combined with robust and reliable performance. All series of booklet-making machines deliver value-added professional booklets for customers. Additionally, if the customer willing to customize orders according to his specifications, it is also available at a reasonable price.

We aim to help purchasers to find the right products based on their demands. For more than two decades in this industry, we are dedicated to producing the top quality products to fulfill clients’ requirements and market needs.

Our company owns full sets of advanced machinery equipment including CNC machines, laser cutting machines, bending machines, etc.

We perfectly design and produce booklet-making machines. With our skilled production team and superb technology, we can provide low-volume or bulk orders.

As a leading manufacturer, we offer not just booklet-making machines but also a wide range of post-press equipment at an affordable price. Whether you are a wholesaler, retailer, distributor, or importer, Huanda is your first preference!

Always trust Huanda!  We are here to help customers find out the right solution!

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