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Huanda offers a wide range of automatic booklet makers that meet high requirements. We offer low MOQ. The customer can only purchase 1 piece of machine. Send us an inquiry now!

  • Complete production line
  • The advanced technology manufacturing system
  • Cost-effective and compact design
  • More than 25 years of experience in manufacturing automatic booklet makers
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Huanda Automatic Booklet Maker

HD-ZY2 High-Quality Automatic Booklet Maker
  • Automatic Binding.
  • Binding and Folding Machine.
  • Use Easy.
  • Extensive Application Scope.
HD-ZY3 Optimized Automatic Booklet Maker
  • Iron Wire as Binding Material, Lowcost.
  • With Paper Side Pat Function, Canmake Papers Tidy When Binding.
HD-ZY3 PLUS Innovative Automatic Booklet Maker
  • Iron Wire as Binding Material, Lowcost.
  • With Paper Side Pat Function, Canmake Papers Tidy When Binding.
HD-ZY4 PLUS Fully Automatic Booklet Maker
  • Automatic,  High speed,  Efficient.
  • Can be Connected to Collating Machine and Edge Trimmer Etc.
  • Binding and Folding One Complete Operation, Save Labor and Time.
  • Saddle Stitching,  Flat Binding,  Corner Binding, Simple Mode Conversion.
  • Roll of Wire for Binding Cost-effective Easy to Disassemble and Maintain.

Huanda – China’s Leading Automatic Booklet Maker Manufacturer

Huanda is amongst the leading manufacturers of automatic booklet makers in China. We have more than 25 years of experience in producing high-quality products. Due to our professionalism in this industry, we were able to gain trust from thousands of customers all over the world.

As a professional manufacturer, our main goal is to provide automatic booklet makers with a high level of satisfaction from customers. We offer low MOQ, especially to support dropshipping businesses. Choose Huanda and never regret it!

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Huanda Automatic Booklet Maker

We have been manufacturing the broadest selection of automatic booklet makers for more than 25 years now. Our rich-experienced R&D team is dedicated to developing, designing, and manufacturing premium automatic booklet makers. Huanda is surely the best place for purchasing top-quality office & school equipment!

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Trusted Automatic Booklet Maker Manufacturer

Huanda has been operating in the office & school equipment industry for more than two decades. We are committed to manufacturing superb automatic booklet makers. Thanks to our hard work, all our products have gained a high level of customers satisfaction around the world. 

Huanda offers all types of automatic booklet makers. All our products are designed by our R&D expert team. We also have a strict quality control team to check the products’ quality in each production stage.

Our automatic booklet makers are made from high-quality materials. We definitely guarantee that our customers will also get customer-friendly service. In fact, we have an advanced plastic painting line in order to assure that our automatic booklet makers have an excellent metal case surface.

Additionally, Huanda’s automatic booklet makers are easy to operate. It is suitable for non-standard and standard paper sizes. It also supports various paper processing methods such as folding, unfolding, binding, riding, etc.

We manufacture cost-effective automatic booklet makers. They have high capacity and can produce hundreds of booklets per hour. Booklet makers also have functions: a time delay and automatic operation.

Whether you are a retailer, wholesaler, or importer of automatic booklet makers, select Huanda as your manufacturer! We offer the best service and reliable quality of automatic booklet makers. We can also customize your orders based on your demands: color, design, logo, and color box!

Aside from that, Huanda also offers a low MOQ. The customer can purchase only one piece. All of our products are at a competitive price without compromising the quality. As a professional manufacturer, we are dedicated to providing valuable service to our customers. Furthermore, we also offer after-sales service for wholesalers!

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